Remington I-light Hair Removal System Review

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comparison-of-ilight-pro-systemsIf you are a beauty junkie like me, I’m pretty sure you are very familiar with the Remington name. This is a trusted name in personal care items, and you should expect nothing but great quality and results from this company. They have an array of health and beauty products for both men and women. Electric shavers, toothbrushes, and even hair styling tools! But I know why you’re here, you want to know more about their hair epilating machines.

Unlike many machines out there on the market today, Remington’s hair removing equipment is FDA approved and clinically proven to reduce hair growth. The results last 6 months, unless you get the iLight Pro Plus or the i-Light Pro Plus Quartz, which yields permanent hairlessness!

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All of Remington’s models use Intense Pulsed Light hair removal technology, which is different from laser (more on that here). The IPL technology used in these machines is the same as the ones used by professional dermatologists. The ultra fast flash rate enables you to treat larger areas in a shorter period of time. For instance, you can treat your underarms in under a minute! A minute that could reduce your hair growth for life!

Funnily enough, IPL machines were invented to treat skin imperfections, such as broken capillaries and sun spots. Hair loss was a reported side effect on patients. So in addition to reducing your body hair growth, you may also be improving your skin!

The Good

  • FDA Approved – so you can be sure that it’s safe (of course, use with your common sense!)
  • NO RECHARGING!!!! – Unlike the Tria 4x, this does not operate on a battery. This makes it more convenient to treat larger body areas that may take a bit longer. But that takes me to my next point….
  • Ultra Fast Flash Rate – So you’re not waiting for the flash to “fire” off, which helps you treat larger areas quickly also.
  • Fast and Easy to Use – there is a sensor that lets you know if you’ve made perfect contact with the handle and your skin. There is also a skintone sensor, which lets you know if you are able to use the IPL system with your skin color.
  • The Price – This is a very affordable hair removal machine, compared to its competitors. It’s actually on sale right now for $169.99! Grab it now!

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The Bad

  • The Size – Not a deal breaker for me, but some people may prefer a more compact and portable device that treats their unwanted hair. This system has the handle that lasers and treats the hair, but then there is also the body and the power cord, which makes it bulkier than the Tria 4x or Tria Precision models. I also find that the bulkier size will make it difficult to target facial hair areas.
  • Some people claim that laser based machines yield more permanent results. Remington claims their machines can provide 6 months of hair growth reduction, but their higher end models, iLight Pro Plus or the iLight Pro Plus Quartz, are more permanent.

Who Can Use the iLight Pro Systems?

All of these machines come equipped with a skin tone sensor, which lets you know if it’s safe to use on your skin color.


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iLight Pro vs. Pro Plus vs. Pro Plus Quartz


The Remington Pro hair remover is their most basic model in the line. You will see results after 3 treatments, and the results last 6 months. The cartridge that it comes with has 1500 flashes, which you can buy replacements for, if you need to treat more areas or touchup. To get an idea, you need about 4 flashes per square inch.

Pro Plus – comes with everything that the Pro does. The only difference is that the results are permanent. Like the basic model, the cartridge lasts 1500 flashes. You can get their replacement bulbs here.

Pro Plus Quartz – This is the most bang for your buck. This model provides permanent hair reduction, and it has a whopping 30000 flashes! That’s enough to treat your entire body and then still have some flashes leftover for touch-ups. You can also buy the replacement bulbs here.

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So, does the Remington Laser I Light Pro Face and Body Hair Remover work?

In short, yes it does. You must remember that NONE of these machines can give 100% permanent results, but you will notice a dramatic difference in hair growth and amount. Your hair will grow back finer and less noticeable. You can finally be rid of ingrown hairs, knicks and cuts from shaving, hairy stubble, and those ugly dots all over your skin!

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