Dona Jo Fitwear Reviews – Stylish and Fashionable Workout Gear!

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dona jo fitwear reviewed

For me, one of my favorite things about going to the gym is finding cute gym clothes. I’m not the only one, I’m sure. I think that it actually motivates a lot of women when they have attractive workout outfits on.

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printed leggings for women
A major issue for me when looking into athletic clothing is the quality of the fabrics and materials. I can’t begin to tell you the amount of times I’ve bought a cute pair of printed leggings and find out that I am practically giving everyone a show because the fabric is way too thin and see through!

dona jo bra and leggings

Enter in Dona Jo, a company based in Pittsburgh, PA, but many of their designs and prints are inspired by the super stylish and vibrant workout gear worn by women all over Brazil. In fact, all of Dona Jo’s items are actually made in Brazil!

Why is DonaJo so special?

First off, their prints are TO DIE FOR. Super adorable. Check out their current legging collection here. They are guaranteed to spice up your workout wardrobe and allow you to express your sense of unique style whether you’re a runner, a yogi, a lifter, a crossfitter, or just a lounger that happens to enjoy comfy pants 😛 Their prints are stylish enough to just throw on and be on your way to take on errands in the city.

brazilian yoga pant brand

A lot of the prints remind me of the clothing that I see the Brazilian models that I follow on Instagram rocking during their workouts. It seems their gym style is way more vibrant, fun and lively there than in North America. But I LOVE that! Now you can rock the same sexy and fun outfits from Dona Jo.

brazilian workout clothes prints

All of their leggings feature a mid rise waist which offers enough coverage and comfort without feeling like you’re your mom in the 80’s. I also love the rise because it doesn’t get in the way when I apply my Gel-v by Vanna Belt.

The moisture wicking fabric ensures that you stay comfortable and dry for your workout. Do you enjoy running outdoors? They’ve got you covered – with UVA and UVB protection built in to the fabric, you’ll have that extra layer of sun protection, but never forget to apply regular sunscreen to your exposed areas!

brazilian workout pants by dona jo


The flat seams are more comfortable and help prevent uncomfortable rubbing and chafing of the skin. The 5 way stretch means that their workout gear moves with you and molds to your shape without any restriction.

Dona Jo Fitwear Sizing

Another unique feature about the brand is their simplified sizing. Their leggings and tops come in 2 sizes. Don’t fret, the 5 way stretch makes sure that the items hug your body the way they’re supposed to. A lot of women are enjoying their leggings purchased before pregnancy, and are still enjoying the same pairs in their latest trimester. These pants are amazing! And practical 😀

Please refer to their size chart here to see what your size would be

dona jo sizing chart

Why I Love Dona Jo

I love this brand because they offer high quality items that suit any athlete that wants to express their style and individuality, even if it’s just at the gym.

donajo athletic wear

Though these were made to be worn during your workouts, they’re actually perfect for lounging around or doing errands outside of the gym. The comfortable and high quality materials make you want to wear them ALL. THE. TIME.

I absolutely love the unique prints! I have yet to see many of the mainstream brands have such interesting and eclectic designs.

Their leggings are loved by all types of athletes. If you enjoy working out, then you’ll enjoy working out in Dona Jo!

Definitely check their line of gym wear out, they are always adding new prints, so keep an eye out!

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  1. I won a pair of these in a giveaway and requested a size 1, as I’m always a size 4 or small/medium. Mine are definitely see through which I’m quite sad about, but I wouldn’t be able to go up a size because the waist is already loose on me. I don’t have a big booty either so they are just really stretching on me. Kind of bummed out about it, but they ARE the most comfortable fabric I’ve ever worn, so I’ll give them that!

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