Why every 20-something needs to use eyecream

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It’s no secret that I am on my way out of my 20’s this summer. *mini cry*

For most of my 20’s, I ignored my skin. I mean, I moisturized and washed it every night, which, is honestly, more than I can say for most people. lol.

I always felt that eyecream was kind of a… should I say… scam? I felt it was unnecessary and a quick money grab.

I mean, I moisturized everyday, that must be enough, right?

I don’t know why, but it seems like in our 20’s, we’d much rather spend money on expensive┬ámakeup than high quality skincare.

I ignored these problems that started in my late teens:

  • Dry, patchy eyelids that resulted in patchy eye shadow application (tried to fix this by trying different eyeshadow primers)
  • Dry, patchy under eye concealer application that ALWAYS looked cakey (tried to find a solution by trying different concealers and powders, techniques)

Again, do you see my point about always trying to solve our 20-something face problems with MAKEUP? Obviously, the issues didn’t resolve. I just accepted the fact that this is how makeup looks.

eye cream, best eye cream, under eye dark circles, undereye wrinkles, eye wrinkles, wrinkles around eyesThe solution: eye cream

What I really needed was a good skincare routine in place. Since I started using better skincare products, my skin has become considerably better. And I use less makeup ­čÖé

BUT only recently, have I discovered the awesomeness that is eye cream.

I got some in the mail from Nuglow and decided to use it. Didn’t notice too much of a difference at first. Went on my days using it and applying makeup like normal.

Then.. one day I stopped using the eye cream (out of sheer laziness) for a few nights.

I applied my makeup….

What…. the…. eff……. was happening south of my eyeballs?

The skin was crepey, dry, patchy, all that nastiness that I had been experiencing before.

My sister in law experienced the same thing. Dryness and cakeyness when wearing makeup, especially under the eyes.  Tried different concealers (high and low end). I suggested she try an eye cream.

She texted me this the other day:

So I’m convinced-


  • Makeup looks better
  • The skin around your eyes is moisturized and more healthy looking. Dry skin has fine lines and could be what’s making your skin like… older. Don’t be in denial, I see lines caused by dehydration in a lot of skin.

My favourite eye cream right now:

I love the NuGlow eye cream. It is the perfect amount of moisture and texture for me, and it contains copper peptides. See my entire Nuglow review here.

I’ve tried eye creams before that I DID not like. They were too rich and gave me bumps under my eyes and my eyes would get reactions. Probably another reason why I wasn’t a fan of eye creams in general.

If you are in your 20’s, go to your fave skincare line, get the basic eye cream that moisturizes, maybe has some anti-oxidants, that helps fine lines and prevents premature ageing. I find that these kinds of eye creams are not too heavy and are more suited for younger people.

Basically, get an eye cream.

Your makeup will look better, you’ll probably prevent some extra lines, and thank yourself for it in a decade or two.

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