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I love having pretty nails, and I usually do them myself. Natural nails generally tend to not hold onto nail polish very well, whereas artificial nails can go weeks without a chip.

I used to have to do my nails every few days because I absolutely cannot stand chips, but with these new tricks and products I’ve been using, I am VERY happy with the results. My nail colour now lasts AT LEAST a week before chipping now. That is pretty amazing on my all natural nails.

Here goes!

Smooth your nail bed

This is pretty important, and most people skip this step. I make sure that my nails are primed and ready for polish by buffing them with a fine grain buffer block like this one. I only do it where there’s new regrowth, being careful of not over –buffing the areas that have been buffed previously. You can go overboard and thin out your nails too much.

Apply a base coat

My absolutely FAVE right now is this affordable Revlon one. I’ve tried a bunch, and I absolutely love this one. It has a slight tacky feel when it dries, and I imagine that helps to “grip” the nail colour that goes on top.

Nail Polish Thinner

Seriously, this thing will make your life SO much easier. I started using it a few months ago, and wish I had started sooner. I believe this is the reason why my polish lasts longer on my nails.

Here’s the thing, nail polish gets gunky after time, and is a pain to apply. The thicker coats that applies takes forever to dry, and is more prone to chips. BUT DON’T TOSS IT! Simply add a few drops of nail polish thinner to any polish that isn’t apply fluidly, basecoat, topcoat, colour, whatever.

This is a MIRACLE. Thinner coats will result in longer lasting manicures. I even applied it to my gunky China Glaze topcoat, and it not only works way better, but there is no longer any SHRINKAGE! Amazing. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Paint along the edge of your nails too!

I’ve started doing this recently, simply swiping and extending the colour along the free edge of my nail.

Top coat every few days.

I like to apply a topcoat every few days, again, extending it along the free edge of my nails. I’ve actually had manicures last without applying every few days, but I just love that fresh, glossy look. For this, I like to use Gena Hoof Laquer.

I actually love pampering myself, so I often try to do at-home versions of my fave spa treatments, like microdermabrasion, hair masks, and face treatments.

What are some of your favourite pampering rituals? Let me know in the comments below!


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