Must-have pages before starting your blog

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So, you’ve set up the foundation of your blog. I bet you’re already playing around with the settings and the themes. There are SO many customizations you can do to your blog to make it you!

But let’s talk about the things that every blog needs to have. These are either pages that will be most visited, or pages you need for you to be able to start making money with your blog.

About Me

This is one of the most visited pages on most websites. You need an About Me page for people to get more of a feel for who and what you are about.

Don’t be afraid to add some personal things, like what your hobbies, favourite foods/music/shows, your history and experience with your topic, etc. You want this page to display your personality and let people decide if they want to get to know you more or not. And be sure to add your special flare! For instance, mine could be something like:

Hey guys!

Welcome to my blog! This is the place to be if you’re looking for my honest opinions about the latest and greatest (or not so great) skincare and beauty products. I’ll also be sharing any new tips and tricks that I come across along the way.

When I’m not running my freelance makeup artistry business, I enjoy girls’ nights with my BFFs, sipping on bubbly and dancing the night away! Dancing is my therapy. After a night of dancing, I’ll be the first to say “WHAT ARE WE EATING?” I am the biggest eater I know. I LOVE food.

I hope you guys enjoy the advice and opinions and share on my blog, and it’s helpful to you! I’d love to connect, so be sure to connect with me on my social medias or comment on my posts. I love getting to know you guys!
To looking good, feeling even better, and living your best life!



In order to make money from your blog, you must disclose to your readers! You’re simply telling them that you sometimes make money off your blog, but are always honest with your opinions. Some brands and companies (like Google adsense) will not approve/work with you unless they CLEARLY see that you have this!

I like to have my disclosure as its own page.

Take a look at some of your favourite blogs to see how they disclose, or use this generator to keep things super simple!

Privacy Policy

If you intend to collect some information from your readers (like email addresses), then you need a privacy policy. It is simply to let them know that you will not be spamming them, and you won’t be giving away their info to third party companies. Again, use a generator for this. Simply Google “free privacy policy template”, or this is the one I use on my website:

Contact Form

I hate landing on someone’s blog, and there’s no easy way to contact them! Make sure you create a contact page, and use a plugin like Contact Form 7 or your theme’s contact page template to create the contact form.

Make sure that when you’re creating these pages, you’re selecting “Pages” and not “Posts” In your dashboard! You can add them to your menus by going to Appearance>Menus

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