10 Natural Beauty Must-Haves

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Natural and organic skincare and makeup products are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. We are becoming more aware of just how many chemicals and toxins are present in everyday beauty products and cosmetics and therefore making a more conscious decision with what we use. The average woman wears a shocking 168 chemicals on their skin every single day. They are present in just about all beauty products such as deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, body lotion and just about every other product on the market. We are more aware of the dangers of toxins in beauty products nowadays and so many more women are choosing the natural route. The FDA and most cosmetic industries have very little guidelines in terms of what can and can’t be used in cosmetics, therefore we really don’t know what the long term effects of these chemicals are.

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Our bodies absorb over 60% of what is applied topically to our skin. We often assume that the products we use are safe and gentle on our skin and bodies because of the testing etc. and having passed all those checks, they must be harmless but that is simply not the case. There are products containing known carcinogens – cancer causing chemicals, such as Formaldehyde and Triclosan.

Some ingredients can disrupt hormones and cause organ damage. Parfum, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils and heavy metals are just a few more on the long list of baddies. Rashes and skin irritation, dryness and chapping are some of the less worrying but worth noting possible side-effects of chemicals in beauty products. Neurotoxins in chemical fragrance can cause headaches, mood swings and even depression!

Enough about that end of it, I could go on but there are simply too many possible side effects to mention. The main reason I decided to switch to natural products was actually because when I began removing harsh chemical products from my beauty regime, my skin cleared up completely. I had acne prone skin from my early teens right through my twenties and had tried just about every product on the market for my hormonal spots. It was a last resort to try out natural skincare as I was skeptical of just how effective these products could be. I think the media and advertising make it look as though your skincare needs to be created with the latest technology in a lab with a concoction of unknown or unheard of compounds. When you think about it, most of those products are actually based on plant extractions and ingredients from nature as the base.

To my complete surprise and absolute joy, my skin became clearer, I stopped breaking out, apart from tiny spots every once in a while and over time, any redness became less apparent. My once oily skin became toned and even and I wasn’t experiencing any flaking of the skin anymore. I soon realized that all that time  and money I spent on those chemical laden spot treatments and exfoliators were having the opposite effect of what they were claiming and in fact making my skin worse. Within a week of switching to all natural skincare, my skin was showing results. Within a month or two, it had improved immensely and was clear for the first time in years. It was then I knew that the natural skin care route was the way to go. I have never looked back!

Natural Beauty Must-Haves

1. Orange Flower Cleanser from Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic

I need a nice nourishing cleanser that makes my skin feel clean and fresh. I used to rely on foaming cleansers in the past but realized they were a bit drying on my skin. I tried a sample of the Orange Flower Cleanser from Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic and was so impressed with the results. It says it is for dry skin but it actually works wonders on my combination oily skin. My skin really feels clean and refreshed after using it. The orange Blossom smell is addictive!


2. Rose Toner from Neal’s Yard Remedies

This is a firm favorite of mine since the day I tried it. I love the blue glass bottle and it helps keep it cool. It feels so refreshing and my skin drinks it in. I never used a toner for many years but realized afterwards that the reason my toners hadn’t worked in the past was due to their alcohol base. Alcohol is drying on the skin and has no place in your skincare. The rose toner is a great product for evening out skin tone and reduces pores over time. It smells lovely too!


3. Manuka Honey

This is a fantastic antibacterial natural product to use once a week or so, for removing any blackheads and clearing blocked pores. I use a teaspoon or less and sprinkle a little cinnamon in the palm of my hand and mix together. Apply with a finger tip gently along the nose and t-zone or anywhere there may be buildup and blocked pores. Leave it on for around 10 minutes. It may feel a bit odd the first couple of times and you can leave it on for less time if you prefer, until you get used to it. It is literally the best blackhead remover I have ever used and the fact it is natural means it is actually great for your skin. Some of the typical pore strips are actually worse for your skin and are damaging in the long run, according to dermatologists. If you don’t have Manuka you can use an organic honey for best results. Manuka can be pricey but well worth it!

4. DIY Charcoal facial scrub.

If you want a really deep clean detox exfoliation that is natural and chemical free, check out my blog post on how to make your own charcoal mask here. It genuinely cleans and clears due to the activated charcoal which is the medical grade kind – not the BBQ kind! It is used in hospitals to flush out toxins as it draws out the toxins naturally. I highly recommend activated charcoal, it was a complete game changer for me! Obsessed.

PS. activated charcoal also whitens your teeth naturally!

5. Wild Rose Beauty Balm from Neal’s Yard Remedies

This cult product has won lots of awards and for very good reason. It is a brilliant all-rounder and made from the purest and best ingredients. It comes with an organic cotton muslin cloth and you can use it as a leave-on face mask for exfoliation and deep nourishing balm. It works as a cleanser and makeup remover, just apply over your make up and it removes it gently with ease. It moisturizes and can be used on unruly brows, cuticles and on dry skin patches. It smells addictive too and comes in pretty designer pack. You only need a small amount so a little goes a long way.

6. Nourish Radiance Brightening Moisturiser

A lovely blend of botanicals with 95% organic ingredients, this has a nice texture and gives a brightening effect which is great. It is nourishing and protects the skin.

Natural Age Spots Treatment Alternative - Reduce Age Spots Naturally

If you are interested in something that helps fade dark spots and scars, try SkinBright or Amoils Natural Age Spot Fading Oil.

7. Feel Great Body Cream by Healtop

This is a really luxurious body cream that is similar to a balm in texture but light as a feather. It glides on effortlessly and moisturizes well, leaving no greasiness or residue. It feels fabulous and smells divine.

8. Gutsy Body Scrub

This gorgeous body scrub was one I discovered in New Zealand while living there. They are big into natural skincare there and I fell in love with this stuff. It has coffee granules, natural sugar cane and a whole lot of nourishing oils, all natural. It comes in really cute packaging and is great for a pamper session. You put it on all over after your shower or bath, leave it on for a minute or two and then rinse. Pat dry and it gives the most silky soft skin ever! Love it.

9. Argan Oil

My favorite hair product of all. It works as a serum, frizz tamer and shine product in one and is really nourishing for your hair. It can be used on wet hair or dry hair so a great product to have on hand. I use it every time I wash my hair and also as serum when I need it. It helps tame those fly-away hairs and fuzzy bits without looking greasy. The shine is beautiful and you only need a tiny amount so be careful not to apply too much.

10. Antonym Lipstick Pencils

These are gorgeous chub stick crayons in wooden pencil. See the full shade range here. They have Shea butter and sunflower oil for moisturizing and the pigments are mineral. They go on beautifully and come in lovely neutral colors with a pretty sheen.

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How to tell if your products are all natural

So those are my Natural Beauty Must-Haves. Always look for the certified organic symbols when choosing organic products. There are a lot of companies claiming to be organic when in fact they are laden with chemicals. If you want to be certain your products are safe, check out the new app called Talk Dirty. You can search your products or scan the barcodes and it will run it through their database search. Not all products are listed as it is still a new app but most of the common brand names are listed on there. It is a good guide.

About the Writer

I love making my own products with oils and natural ingredients at home as they are 100% natural. If you would like to read more about natural and organic skincare, check out my blog

Hope you try out some of the above and good luck on the path to natural toxin-free skincare!

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