How do bloggers make money?

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So, how does someone make money from a blog?

Let me tell you, the opportunities are endless. You may start off wanting to start a blog, and that may lead to SO many other things.

These are some things that you can do to monetize a blog


You can sign up to work with networks like Adsense or to place ads in strategic spots on your blog. You basically get paid per 1000 views of the ad, or every single time someone clicks an ad on your website, depending on the terms of the network. I don’t personally make that much from ad networks, but I know other bloggers who have 100s of thousands of views a month, and they can simply make a fulltime income just from ads!

You can also contact companies directly to sell ad space on your website. You can charge them a fee per month to have an ad that links to their website placed on a high traffic part of your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

This is where the website/blogger links to a brand’s website or product, using their unique tracking link, and the company pays them a commission per sale made through their tracking link.

These links are usually placed in review posts, list posts, guides, any kind of blog post where they can link to a product or a company that they’re talking about!

A great course that teaches you techniques to be successful with affiliate marketing is Kayla Aimee’s Affiliate Acceleration.

I wish I had a resource like this when I was starting out! I learned how to do affiliate marketing the sketchy way. Kayla shows you have to do without feeling sleazy

My favourite affiliate networks are Amazon Associates and Shareasale. So go sign up for those. NOW!!

This is is my favourite way of making money online, as it’s SO passive (I literally wake up with new money in my accounts!)


This is something that I’ve gotten into in the last year, and I dig it. Imagine getting product from your fave brands, and them paying you to talk about them!

If you’re already using a product that you know and love, why not get paid to write about them on your blog? Especially if your audience is a PERFECT fit for their brand.

ie. E.L.F cosmetics for a blog that talks about drugstore makeup, an up-and-coming organic, cruelty-free brand on a blog that focuses on green living.


You could also use your blog to sell services.

Say you have a blog where you write about wedding day tips. Perhaps you could sell some wedding planning services.
Makeup guru on your blog, you can sell one on one makeup consults via video chat.

  • Fashion blogger; one on one consult for a wardrobe makeover.
  • Financial blogger, you can offer services to help people with their finances.
  • Travel blogger, you can offer services to help plan trips for locations you’ve been to.

These are just suggestions that I pulled from the top of my head, I’m sure once you get the ball rolling, you’ll have a better idea of what services are valuable to your audience. Your readers will also start asking you to help them with specific things, which could help you come up with a special service that you could start charging for!

Services using the skills you’ve learned, just from blogging!

Once you create your blog, you basically have more experience building something online than most of the people around you. Can you believe that? Think about it, how many of your friends or family have created online websites or blogs?

You now know how to set up hosting, how to install WordPress, write about me pages.

There are people who don’t know how to do these things, and would rather PAY someone to do it for them.

  • Maybe you create awesome pins for Pinterest?
  • Maybe you have a blog, but are awesome at promoting on Instagram?
  • Perhaps your writing is superb, and you could get paid to write for other online magazines and websites, local newspapers, etc.

The beautiful thing about this is, your blog is basically your proof and resume. If you’ve set up your own blog, you now know how to set it up and run it! You can help other people do the same!

Sell your own product

You could start a store, or start selling merchandise that fits your own brand.

  • For instance, I know a mommy blogger who sells branded onesies on her website.
  • If you’re a style blogger, you could create an entire store selling your favourite clothing items!

You don’t always have to create tangible items either.

You can create digital products like ebooks, courses, and other informational products.

  • Say you’re a mommy blogger that’s super organized, you can sell digital files of your daily planner.
  • I know of a librarian teacher that had a blog, and created lessons that she sold to other librarians so that they could use it in their jobs.
  • A football coach who blogged about his coaching, sold an ebook on his coaching techniques.

The possibilities are endless!

These are just some of the ways that I know of that makes money online. I know there are sooo many other methods out there.

I honestly love having my blog, because I really, truly believe that there is no limit to my success. And I love that it can constantly evolve and change, just like me!

I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with blogging, but let me tell you, it’s been SO worth it.

I really encourage you to start a blog if you’d love to start your own business at home. You are able to share advice and help other people, talking about things that absolutely fill your soul!

  1. Love this! Very informative information. I currently use AdSense and am working on Amazon Affiliates. I didn’t know about ShareASale until this post. You have some great tips on here. Thanks for the info!

    1. Shareasale is awesome and I make the most money with them 😉

  2. Hi there lovely. I am not sure if you got my first message. Congrats! You’ve been nominated for the “Blogger Recognition Award”

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