Quick & Easy Blemish Blasting Face Mask

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Activated charcoal is an ingredient that we see popping up as an ingredient in more and more skincare products nowadays, and with good reason. Activated charcoal is known for its detoxifying capabilities, making it an ideal ingredient in purifying products that are meant to use on skin that is acne or blackhead prone.

Luckily, activated charcoal is easy to come by. You can buy it in bulk many places online, but my favorite way to purchase it is in capsule form, which can be found in the vitamin and supplement aisle at your drugstore.

Here is a quick and simple way to use activated charcoal as a purifying face mask to help with your blemishes and blackheads.

***Warning, activated charcoal can get very messy to work with, so be prepared! I’ve never had anything stained permanently, and have found that it is easy to scrub off any surfaces with just plain old water and a cloth***

Items Needed

2-3 capsules (roughly about 1 tsp) of activated charcoal

4 drops of tea tree oil

1-2 tsp distilled water

A little glass or ceramic bowl to mix everything into

  1. If working with capsules, carefully open them up by twisting one half of the capsule off. This part can be tricky! Make sure your hands are completely dry for this, as any amount of moisture will dissolve the outer shell and make things messier.
  2. Combine the charcoal and water first, into the glass bowl, using less or more water to make it a paste-like consistency. Stir with your finger, or a wooden utensil, as the activated charcoal can draw out toxins from a metal one.
  3. Add in the tea tree oil. If your skin is sensitive and gets irritated easily, either use 1-2 drops or omit the tea tree oil altogether. Please keep in mind that tea tree oil does tingle a bit.
  4. Mix everything up all together, and apply to your face with your fingers. Allow the mask to dry on your skin, about 10-20 mins, and wash off with some warm water. Remember to avoid the eye and mouth area.

Use this mask once a week or when you feel breakouts coming to help stop them in their tracks. If you’ve got a more serious issue with acne, check out this review on an acne skin care system that’s worked for me.

  1. Definitely trying this tonight! So helpful thank you 🙂

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