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Sponsored posts are showing up everywhere nowadays – social media, blog posts, YouTube vids. If there’s someone you’re a fan of on any of these platforms, chances are, they have sponsorships.

Sponsored posts are getting a bad rep, because fans aren’t exactly sure how authentic the media created is.

Once I started getting sponsored gigs, I didn’t want to come off inauthentic and “salesy” to my fans. Most of the sponsored content I’ve seen were mostly VERY “in your face”,  and I didn’t really know any other way to talk about brands without using the same strategy as everyone else.

However, after a little while, I’ve discovered the #1 thing you need to consider when doing sponsored posts, so you don’t drive your fans away.


You need to be providing value to your audience. Sure, this product is great and all, but how does that apply to you and your audience?

You have to think back to the beginning. Why did you start your blog? Why do your followers follow you? It was because you were offering something of value to them.

Let’s dig deeper into this, shall we?

Why are your fans even here?

When I first started getting sponsorships, I thought, “Easy! I’ll just get the product and do a review on it!”

While this is valuable to some people, others may not care for it.

Instead, think back to WHY your fans love you.

Is it because you give great fashion advice? Share great recipes? Do you know all the life hacks a girl would ever need to know?

Implement the sponsored products in with those ideas

For instance. I run a lifestyle blog that targets women in their late 20s-early 30s, who have their careers on lock, but like to let loose and have a really eventful social life.

I happen to have a bomb-diggity mimosa recipe that my readers need to get their hands on for their get-togethers.

I could work with the champagne company I use for the mimosas to sponsor my post.

THIS way, not only am I providing value (the recipe), but this blog post totally makes sense for my audience.

Get creative

I LOVE seeing sponsored posts like this. Ones that relay a message that fits with the blogger’s brand and audience, and isn’t an in-your-face review post of the product/brand. Coming up with ways to incorporate the brand’s message with yours in a unique and creative fun is actually really fun!

Some great examples:

Melyssa Griffin – Ten Minute Tips for Your Blog (sponsored by Sharpie)

Girl On Bloor – Avocado Hummus Snack Jars (sponsored by Vitamix)

Gracie Carroll – 5 Simple Body Confidence Tips (sponsored by Ontario Dental Association)

See how their posts and topic aren’t ABOUT the sponsored product, but rather, it’s been incorporated into a blog post that introduces the product/brand strategically

The content is something that their readers will find useful, and they’re still bringing awareness to the partner that’s sponsoring them.

See? Not so sleezy, right?

The most exciting part about sponsored posts for me is coming up with a concept for how I will be introducing the brand. This is where I get to use my creativity!

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