How I Increased My Pinterest Monthly Views by 400% In 2 months!

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Pinterest is the #1 social media platform in terms of sending traffic to my blog, so I try to spend a bit more time there than any of my other social media accounts. It’s sent a tonne of traffic to my most popular posts on getting free beauty products and how to get a pumped booty in 15 minutes.

I’ll be honest, I barely knew how Pinterest even worked before I had my blog. I’m still kinda getting the hang of it. Even without knowing how it really works, it has been sending traffic to my blog for over 2 years now.

And if I’m gonna be completely honest… I’m really lazy and didn’t want to bother with pinning hundreds of times a day. That’s where Tailwind comes in handy.

What is Tailwind?

Tailwind is a Pinterest autoposter/scheduler. It’s been said that Pinterest likes it when you are an ACTIVE user on their platform, and that the sweet spot is to pin 100+ times a day. I don’t know many people who really want to sit around all day pinning. TW helps cut the time spent on pinning, so you can use your time to do other things in your business. They have great informational videos found on their website. They also offer a free month trial to new users. Sign up for your free month now.

With that being said, you can pin all you want, but you can’t blindly pin. You have to go in with some sort of strategy as to what you’re going to pin. I use the techniques shown in the Pinteresting Strategies ebook.

Just by implementing the techniques I’ve learned PLUS using Tailwind to make my life easier, I’ve gotten my Pinterest views up by 400% in under 2 months.



Pinteresting Strategies from Mommy On Purpose

I wanted to try to make more of an effort on Pinterest earlier this year. Like I mentioned, I had no idea what I was really doing. I decided to invest in Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies ebook.

Previous to getting Carly’s ebook, I had joined a bunch of group boards, pinned randomly (when I remembered to), and I’ve had a pin or 2 go viral, and a bunch of other pins that got a handful of traffic every month.

I was interested in Carly’s book because it said that her strategy didn’t require a scheduler like Board Booster or Tailwind (I know, ironic, because this post is about Tailwind).  I implemented her strategies and pinned manually, and within a week I saw my traffic from Pinterest go up by 300%!

So, her strategy obviously works. BUT!

I got really lazy, slacked off the manual pinning for MONTHS, and my Pinterest and traffic dropped off…

I decided to use Tailwind to help make my life easier, and I implement what I’ve learned in Pinteresting Strategies, and I couldn’t be more happy with the results! Maybe pinning manually would have garnered better results, but I knew I probably wouldn’t be consistent with it. I highly suggest getting Carly’s ebook and implementing the strategies taught.

How I use Tailwind

I use TW to schedule pins for a month at a time. I spend about an hour or so a month to do the bulk of my pin scheduling, and add in random pins throughout the month if I see something interesting to pin, or if I have a new published post. I schedule about 25-30 pins a day. I am still playing around with the amount of pins, but this is what I have it currently set to.

Board Lists

I love this feature, it seriously makes my life soooo much easier! I can’t take credit for this, I learned about Board Lists from my friend Nadalie from

Board Lists help you organize your lists, and help you select the boards you want to pin your pins to faster. You can organize the lists however you want. This is super helpful if you are a part of a lot of group boards or have a lot of boards that share the same topic, and you have a pin that you would like to be able to pin to ALL of them.

Here’s how to access your Board Lists so you can start creating your own. You can also see examples of my Board Lists!

For instance, I have a pin for a blog post about DIY face masks. I have a Board List for DIY beauty themed boards, where I’ve added all of the DIY group boards I’m a part of, and my own DIY boards (about 10 boards all together). Normally, I’d have to schedule the pin manually to ALL 10 boards. But with the Board Lists feature, with one click, I can schedule to all 10 boards in a second. Super easy.

You can organize the Board Lists however you want. I split them up by topic/category. Some people organize them by how active the boards are, how many followers it has, or by the # of times you can pin onto the group boards a day. Do whatever makes sense to you!

Tailwind Extension

I love this thing! This is the key to being able to schedule pins really quickly.

Download the appropriate one for your browser:

Chrome Tailwind Extension

Firefox Tailwind Extension

Safari Tailwind Extension

Here’s what I do: I decide which one of my boards I would like to pin to. It’s easier and faster to choose only one board. For this example, let’s say I want to pin to my “Skincare and Beauty” board. I’ll search a keyword term, “DIY skincare recipes” in the Pinterest search bar.

Once all of results are loaded, I click on the Tailwind icon in my toolbar, and a window pops open with all of the results. I simply click on all of the pins that I want to pin to my “Skincare and Beauty” board. SO quick and easy. I could easily select dozens of pins to schedule really quickly this way. Which brings me to my next favourite feature…

“Add Board to All” Feature

This is another very handy feature when you’re scheduling out pins. So, after using the method I just mentioned above, in the window that pops up, Tailwind requires you to choose which board(s) you’d like to pin to.

Since I chose all pins that would go perfectly in my “Skincare and Beauty” board, I simply start typing the first few letters and the name of the board pops up. This very quickly and easily lets you choose to schedule all of these pins to be scheduled on this board.

And here’s the awesome thing, you can add these pins to be scheduled on multiple boards! I have multiple boards that these DIY Skincare recipes pins could go, ie. my “Affordable Beauty”, “DIY beauty”, and “Natural Remedies” boards. I also add these boards in the “Add Board to All” section, and I’ve quickly scheduled a handful of pins across all of these boards! You could also manually go through all the pins and add in different boards to each pin, but that takes too much time. If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, I like to do things the fast and easy way!

Hint: Add all your similar boards into the same Board List!

Just by pinning more often and consistently, Pinterest sees that I am an active user that and gives me the chance to be seen more by other users. I do pin more of other people’s pins than my own, but if people are seeing that I pin lots of quality content, or they may click through to see what else I’m pinning or try to find out more about me and what I do. They will also follow me if they like the type of stuff that I’m also into.

Do you use Pinterest for your blog or business? What are your results? Any tips and tricks you’d like to share?

  1. As a newbie blogger, these are great tips! I’m still manually pinning but am definitely thinking of switching to something automated.

    1. If you are manually pinning and can’t commit to paying for a scheduler yet, I highly suggest reading Pinteresting Strategies. I still use these methods today, with Tailwind. Manually pinning did give me better results, but I think I’ve found a balance between getting Pinterest traffic and not having to manually pin all the time that makes me happy LOL!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Don’t you just love Carly’s book!! I invested in it and have seen a dramatic increase in my Pinterest traffic and blog traffic. One of my pins just went viral today!! I’m sure without using Carly’s strategies, that most likely wouldn’t have happened. Just like you, I’ve tweaked her strategies and use Tailwind to pin other people’s content because I don’t have the time during the day to sit and pin manually. I use Boardbooster to pin my own pins to group boards and manually pin all of my top pins. Her book was a good purchase for me.

    1. That’s awesome Sade! I’ve never considered using Boardbooster. How are the results?

      I LOVE Carly! She’s easily one of my favourite bloggers. I look forward to all of her email newsletters.

  3. I have been pinning 25-30 pins for last 2 months with tailwind but no such traffic surge. I think I too should try out the manual pinning.

    1. definitely try it out! At first I was using TW just by itself and did see a surge, but not as much as when I was 100% manually pinning. Now I schedule other peoples pins with TW (with a tiny percentage of my own) and I manually pin a majority of my own pins using the Pinteresting Strategies technique.

  4. This is very interesting. We have been wanting to up our Pinterest views, we’ll have to check this out!

  5. This is legit so helpful! I’ve had my blog for about a year, but I never had a Pinterest for it. But I heard it was great for driving traffic, so I just made one. I can’t wait to use these tips and see if they work!

  6. I bit the bullet and signed up to Tailwind for both Pinterest AND Instagram two months ago, and I’m super-happy with the results! Pinterest traffic is waay up, but not Instagram. But I’m so glad that I don’t have to type out all my posts on my phone anymore that I don’t really mind:-) Thanks for this super-detailled post and smiles from Switzerland!

    1. ha it’s all a matter of testing what works for you! I haven’t found much luck on IG either, but I know of others who have 😉 For now, I’m sticking to Pinterest

  7. I’ve been doing manual pinning and am up to 38K reach in a month and a half. But the growth has slowed in the last week, I think it’s getting close to jumping on the tailwind bandwagon. Bookmarking your page for when I’m ready!

    1. Chris I’d love to know your strategies for manual pinning! Those are amazing numbers! I do a bulk of my pins via Tailwind, but am still manual pinning quite a bit. I see a dip on days where I’m too busy to do this.

  8. Hi Mary,
    I am so embarrassed to see your results. Its unbelievable. I am also going to buy Pinterest strategies. I have a little question. You said that u posted 25 30 pins daily. These pins are made by you for your blog post or other’s pins?

    1. A mix of my own and others. Sometimes it’s like 20% my own, other times more like 50%. Play around with your amounts and percentages and see what works for you!

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