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I loved my trip to Hawaii earlier this year, and I’m still obsessing over it. I cannot wait to go back. I’m getting my booty into shape to get ready for my next tropical adventure!

When I got to Hawaii, I found the glory that is… the ABC Store.

If you’re not familiar with ABC Stores, you will become well acquainted with them if you ever visit Hawaii. Well, at least if you visit Waikiki, Oahu. They are a chain of convenience stores that are found every 5 doors or so on the strip.

If you happen to forget to pack your sunscreen or just need to pick up some refreshments, the ABC store has got your back. But did you know they also offer an array of beauty products too?

You can find all your trip necessities in these stores. Food, drinks, alcohol, souvenirs, etc. My favourite part was, of course, their beauty section!

They have a lot of products sold exclusively in Hawaii, and here are some musts:

Maui Babe

This is probably the most famous Island must-have. There are two things I absolutely need for a vacation: pretty feet with a bright pedicure and a fabulous tan.

This magical tanning lotion is a tan accelerator that is to be used on your skin with SPF, and promises you a dark, rich tan in a short amount of time in the sun.

This can actually be found in various parts of the Mainland, but I had to include this as one of Hawaii’s staple beauty products!

These also make great little gifts and souvenirs if you know someone who’s an avid tanner. This stuff is hard to come by in most places outside of Hawaii.

Island Girl nail polishes

Sold exclusively at ABC Stores, the Island Girl line of cosmetics carries an array of fun island colours to complement your vacation attire. Make sure you grab a few of these as gifts for your favourite beauty junkie.

Island Soap & Candle Works – Botanical Lotions

These body lotions are made in Hawaii and come in a variety of scents that take you back to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. The Pikake Jasmine scent is a signature scent. Pikake flowers are used in the Hawaiian leis!

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Oils of Aloha

This brand carries an array of products that contain oils extracted from botanicals grown in Hawaii.

Kukui, an oil from the island that is great for skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis. Not only that, but they’re great for soothing dry and sun burnt skin!

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