Eyebrow Tutorial

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I LOVE brows. In fact, it was the first thing I learned how to do when I started wearing makeup in high school. I have pretty poopy looking brows, so I love changing my brows up all of the time! Do I want more or less of an arch? Rounded, or angular? Sometimes I like them lighter, sometimes darker. Sometimes I like the fluffy brow look, other times, I want them to be super defined.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how I’ve been doing them lately.

Products Used:

– Marcelle Accent Eyebrow Crayon in “Blondine” I love this one! It is the perfect texture for lining brows. Not too hard where you’re tugging on your skin, and not so soft that you get a harsh and cakey line. And yes, I use it in the lightest colour available because I find it very forgiving.

– A neutral taupe or brown powder shadow. I typically can get away with using any ol’ medium or dark brown shadow I have! Heck, I’ve even gotten away with using a bronzer when I’m in a pinch!

Let’s Get Started:


1. Bare brows!

2. Using the brow pencil, line the bottom of brow to your desired shape.

3. Do the same for the top, also using the brow pencil.

4. With an angled brush, dip it into your powder shadow, and start filling in the tail end to the mid of your eyebrow, going over where you used the pencil liner. This is to set the pencil, and it also helps the powder last longer because it has something to “stick” to.

5. Using whatever is leftover on your brush, start filling in the front end (the part closest to your nose) of the brow, using shorter strokes. This helps to achieve a more natural look. I also sometimes pick up a lighter coloured shadow to to fill in this part if I want even more of a gradient look.

6. Voila! You’re done! Check out the difference it makes!

Eyebrows before and after

  1. I love a good brow! {Most of my expression is in my eyes and eye brows.} Fantastic tip on how to achieve a defined brow. I’ve never tried using the pencil with the powder. I usually just use a brow powder, but I’ll have to try that next time.

    1. The pencil definitely helps with getting a more defined look. I use only powder by itself sometimes, and prefer the pencil+powder method much more!

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