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amope pedi perfect reviewAs I was gearing up for my recent trip to Las Vegas and California, I knew I’d be rocking sandals and open toed shoes. Meaning, I needed to give my feet some extra attention.

The weird thing is,  I find my heels and feet are more dry during the summer months due to being exposed to all of the elements in the openness of the sandals I wear.

I could have gone to the salon and gotten a pedicure, but I wanted to DIY it this time. To save some money, and really, because I wanted an excuse to try out the Amope.

What I got

Luckily, the week I was looking into getting the foot filer, Shoppers Drug Mart had a sale for 35% off the Amope products. I was also able to find a $5 off coupon! I paid about $40 CAD.

I got the Original blue model. I was heavily debating between that or the pink one. The pink one comes with a coarse filer to start off with. I figured I’d try out the basic filer first, and if I felt I needed something more later on, I can always buy the extra coarse refill. All of the refills fit any model you buy, no matter what colour you originally bought.

My experience with Pedi Perfect

I’ve been neglecting my feet for the first half of this year. The weather just started warming up around here, and the upcoming vacation gave me an extra reason to take care of the piggies.

I had some dryness around my heels, and built up callouses in certain spots of my foot. I am flat footed, so I find I have more issues with this.

My first time using this, I just used the Amope straight on my feet. It did help a little bit, but I decided to take an extra step.

If your feet need some extra TLC, try the following method:

Right after using the Amope by itself, I soaked my feet for about 5 minutes in water. I then used a Mr. Pumice bar with their Callus Terminator to get rid of extra dead skin on my feet.

I’ve used the Mr. Pumice products for years and they work great (see here), but I find it a hassle to do it all of the time. I also find it doesn’t allow me to really go at the calluses without doing more damage than I intended (trust me, I’ve rubbed my skin almost raw before… WHOOPS!).

So, after scrubbing my feet with the bar and Callus Terminator, I then ran the Amope over my feet once again, focusing on the callused areas. This also helps to smooth any rough dry spots that the bar left behind.

This left my feet super silky smooth!

You can see all the dry bits my Amope took off *yuck*

Regular maintenance for smooth feet

I find with pedicures, your feet feel great for a day or so, then your feet start looking a bit funky again.

So now that I’ve gotten a majority of my feet issues using the Mr. Pumice + Amope method, I use the Amope almost daily to maintain my feet.

I just vacationed in Vegas and Cali, did lots of walking, and this has helped keep my calluses from getting worse. They’re still there, but they aren’t getting bigger, and they are less irritated. I used to feel a dull pain when I pressed on them, but now that they’re smaller in size, the pain isn’t as bad.

The dryness around the heels is also kept at bay. I don’t have thick, cracked heels anymore. They just get a bit ashy, and the Amope takes care of that no problem!

So every night during my vacay, I quickly ran over my heels and calluses with the Amope. I then followed up with foot lotion. My fave right now is this one.

amope pedi perfect review

As you can see, the skin on my feet look healthier after using the Amope.

If you’re considering the Amope

There are 3 Amope models that I know of. The Original (Blue), the Coarse (pink), and the Wet/Dry.

I got the blue model, but I will be buying the extra coarse refills from now on. I thought it’d be too rough on my heels, but I really want to get rid of the calluses, so I think I’ll try the coarse heads from now on.

The Wet/Dry model is also a great idea, as you can just use it straight in the shower. I find that it’s easier to get rid of dead skin when the skin on your feet are slightly damp also. I like to wash my Amope after every use. I have to do this by removing the rotating head and running that under water, then wiping the handle clean. It’d be a lot easier to clean the Wet/Dry model, as you can just run it under the water.

So, is it worth it?

YES! I have been recommending it too all my family and friends in the past few weeks. Even if you get pedicures from the spa, you KNOW that the results last half a week at best, then your skin starts looking kinda ehhhh again. This is a great tool to maintain that smoothness.

*This blog post contains affiliate links. I purchased all of these products with my own money, and all opinions and experiences are my own.

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