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I always knew that I wanted to start a business online, and tried so many different things. One of my most successful ventures is having a blog. I’m dabbling in a few other things online… but I’ll save that for another day!

Before having my blog and my handful of failed attempts at multiple online ecommerce stores, I was doing surveys online for money. It didn’t give me a full time income, but it did bring in nice amount of side income a month! You could easily bring in hundreds of dollars extra a month, just by doing surveys. That’s nothing to scuff over, especially cuz you’re getting money just for sharing your opinion! Oh, and sometimes you get to try out products for free too!

Here are some survey companies that will pay you to voice your opinion on consumer products.

Keep in mind, you may not get accepted into all of these programs. The companies accept members based on their demographics, lifestyle, etc. Once accepted, you may need to answer some more questions to fill out your “Profile”. Based on your profile, they send surveys that are a fit for you.

Survey Junkie

I like that you can do the surveys on your phone! You can redeem your points for gift cards or Paypal cash.

Survey Junkie (US)

Survey Junkie (Canada)

Survey Junkie (AU)

Survey Junkie (UK)


This is one of the first survey companies I joined. I sometimes get 3-4 surveys a week, so the money adds up! You can redeem points for items, gift cards, or Paypal cash.

Pinecone (Canada)

Pinecone (Canada – French)


Earn points by doing surveys and other everyday things to redeem them for different prizes, including cash and gift cards!

Swagbucks Surveys (US, CA, AU, IRE, UK)

Survey Momma

This one offers very lucrative survey payouts, but it is a bit more tough to get chosen and approved to do those. You may need to do some “test” surveys first, that offer prizes or rewards instead of cash. This is to help the companies choose the best candidates to do the surveys with the larger payouts. You will know what the payout/reward is before you do any survey.

Survey Momma (US)

Survey Downline

Each survey is worth $1-$5, and you can get Paypal cash payments once you’ve done $20 in surveys.

Survey Downline (US, CA, UK, AU)


Earn $5 in giftcards or Paypal for every 5 surveys and other simple tasks like polls and watching videos.

MyPoints (US, CA)


They pay you via Paypal. You get $5 just for getting approved after signup!

iSurvey (US)

iSurvey (Canada)

iSurvey (UK)

iSurvey (AU)


Not only does InboxDollars offer you cash for surveys, but you can also earn by reading emails, playing online games, etc. There may be a lot of ads and popups, but you may as well be making some money while doing the things you usually do anyways!

InboxDollars (US)

InboxPounds (UK)

Vindale Research

Pays directly into your Paypal. Review products and do surveys to earn. You get to keep any products that you review!

Vindale Research (US) if you’re on a computer

Vindale Research (US) if you’re on a mobile

Vindale Research (Canada)

VIP Voice

Take surveys and redeem the points for different rewards. You aren’t guaranteed cash payouts, but the things you can redeem points for are pretty awesome, like vacations, electronics, appliances, etc.

VIP Voice (Canada)


Nielsen isn’t a survey company, but it is a research company that requires very little work from you. You simply install an app on your computer and/or phone and go on about your day, surf the web the way you normally do. You earn rewards just for using the internet!

Nielsen (US) 

Nielsen (Canada)

Get comfortable!

If you set aside a block of time to dedicate to doing as many surveys as you can, you can make a very nice little side income. All you need is a wifi connection and a laptop! You could even work from your bed to do the surveys.

My must haves for working in bed are a lap desk and a reading pillow. I prop the reading pillow behind me, between my headboard and my body.

I might stream some music or a show on the TV to play in the background. This is the only way I watch TV now. I don’t have cable! Another thing I like to do nowadays is geek out with audiobooks since I can’t find the time to sit down and read. I love having the background noise when working on my laptop!

With an Amazon Prime membership, you now only get free faster shipping, but you get a membership to all of their other Prime products, like Audible, Amazon Video, Music, etc. It’s really awesome!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial (US)

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial (CA)

  1. Great article 🙂 Just to add – UserTesting is also another good option. They pay $10 US per survey (which takes no more than 20 minutes each) into a PayPal account.

    1. Hey Karen! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll definitely check it out

  2. Nice list! I’ve enjoyed using MyPoints for years now, I have a small library from the Amazon gift cards I gotten as rewards.

    1. Amazon gift cards are pretty awesome. You can get just about anything on there!

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