Nudy Patooty Undergarments: prevent armpit sweat stains

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These undershirts help shield unwanted sweat and help keep you feeling clean and fresh all day. You can prevent sweat stains from appearing on your expensive blouses by wearing these undershirts, and save money on drycleaning!

how to prevent armpit sweat stains in blouse

Excessive perspiration is voted the most embarrassing health problem. Though it isn’t serious, it’s really common and it sucks to be caught in a sweaty situation.

Many of us have great articles in our wardrobe (that we never wear) because we fear the sweat stains they’ll encounter, and the eventual hefty dry cleaning bill to fix it. Sometimes we get lucky if it comes out. Other times, well, it’s unsaveable and straight to the trash it goes 🙁

So how do we prevent underarm sweat stains AND save on our drycleaning bill?

Enter, Nudy Patooty – A brand of under garments and basic tanks and tee shirts made out of premium organic Bamboo.

What’s so great about Bamboo?

Well, first off, Bamboo is biodegradable. It is the world’s fastest growing plant, and is able to grow without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, making this fabric environmentally friendly.

When it comes to wearing it, bamboo clothing is to cotton what cashmere is to wool. It is super soft and feels super luxurious when wearing it.

Not only that, but it has antibacterial, moisture wicking, and sun protective properties!

Avoid dry cleaning by wearing an undershirt

By wearing an undershirt made out of bamboo, it helps to wick away the moisture to make you more comfortable.

Nudy Patooty’s undershirts all contain their Sweat Secret technology, which helps keep you dry and clean all day.

Prevent unsightly stains in your silk and other delicate pieces by using a comfortable base layer!

Types of undershirts

At this time, Nudy Patooty has 4 styles of undershirts.

Lace cap sleeve

Nudy_Patooty_Bamboo_Undershirt_NP300_White_grandeComfy and cute! Comes in 3 colours here

Crop top


Great to pair with highwaisted styles. Comes in White, Nude, and Black here

Seamless laser cut t-shirt


Laser cut and seamless, undetectable under clothes. More info here

¾ sleeve


Great alone or to layer in the warmer months for the extra sleeve coverage. More info here

Ideas on what undershirt to wear with what:


They also have a line of basic everyday garments that you can wear alone, or layered.

If underarm sweat stains are an embarrassing problem in your life, try using a bamboo base layer to wear your delicate fabrics with confidence!

Check out their official website for special promos and sales!

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