Best Eyeliner for Waterline Tip

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best eyeliner for waterline tip

A lot of my clients tell me that they are never able to keep their eyeliner on all day, and it always disappears! There are products that claim to last all day and work very well, but here’s a technique I use to ensure the longevity of the eyeliner!

What you need:

-Waterproof gel liner OR Waterproof pencil liner (Use whatever you have, I’ve used this with many brands and it’s worked!)

-Powder eyeshadow that matches or is close to the liner color


-Small precision eyeshadow brush. Whatever you’re comfortable with, similar to either of these:

small precision eyeshadow brush macpencilbrush


1)      If lining the waterline, I first dab off any wetness it may have by rolling a Q-tip across it.

2)      I then line the waterline with either the gel or pencil liner (it’s a bit easier with pencil on the waterline)

3)      With the pencil brush, pick up some of the eyeshadow color, and put a layer of it on top of the liner you just put on.

4)      Wait a minute or so this sets, at this time, I usually touch up the blush or lips, etc.

5)      I then repeat steps 2-4 again, on top of everything I just did. After the second time, you can repeat again, for good measure.

I call this technique LAYERING, and I’ve done this on multiple clients with good results. It really sets the liner and helps it last all day. You can do this for lining the waterline or the lash line, but I find I don’t really have to repeat the steps more than once for the upper lashline.

To make that eyeliner bulletproof, dampen your pencil brush with a liquid sealant like Makeup Forever’s Aqua Sealant or ELF’s Lock & Seal, before dipping it into the eyeshadow.

I have done this with non-waterproof liner on myself (on the waterline), and it held up after a full night of dancing! But, for bridal clients, I highly suggest using waterproof for more insurance.

Yay for long-lasting eyeliner!


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