Best Foundation For Photos: The number one ingredient to avoid!

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When shopping for foundations to use on your clients in your kit, there is one ingredient that you must look out for, that is used in a lot of foundations that are commercially available. The ingredient is….


Professional makeup artists should stay away from foundations that contain titanium dioxide as an active ingredient!

Titanium dioxide is in many foundations, in small amounts, to add white or to tint the foundation. In higher concentrations, it becomes an “active” ingredient to act as an SPF. Don’t worry, these foundations are safe to use for everyday makeup. But for photo shoots and bridal, it can alter the way the makeup looks in photos.

Why all the fuss about not using foundations that contain T.D?

Let’s think back to those special occasions where you dolled yourself up and put on some kickass makeup. You looked great in the mirror and to anyone in front of you. Then you saw some photos of yourself from that evening, with the flash on. And your face looked like a GHOST! It was so much whiter than the rest of you, and you’re thinking, “OMG, am I wearing the wrong shade of foundation?”

This is most likely due to the use of a foundation with high amounts of titanium dioxide in it. It “reflects” light off of it and causes a white or grey cast on the face. Famous brands like MAC, Lancome, Dior, and even some of Makeup Forever’s products have T.D in it. These products look great in real life, but in photos… ehh, not so much.

Try brands like RCMA, Face Atelier, or Yaby for your makeup artist kit

So be sure to read the ingredients when buying your foundations for photo shoots!

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