Brush Your Teeth With Baking Soda!

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brushing with baking sodaWe all know what a powerhouse baking soda is. It’s become one of my favourite household items. I mean, what can’t it do? It’s even in my favourite all natural deodorant.

Lately I have been trying out a lot of natural solutions to everyday things, many of them include using baking soda, including my inexpensive at home microdermabrasion recipe!

Recently I’ve tried brushing my teeth with baking soda. I’ve been wanting to make my own toothpastes for awhile, seeing as commercial toothpastes are very controversial as to whether or not they are actually helping or hurting you.

Reasons for brushing with baking soda:

No more bad breath
Baking soda is very deodorizing. Sprinkle some in your shoes or gym bag to help take away the stink! It is also commonly used in DIY natural deodorant recipes. The same goes for your breath. You can even make a simple mouthwash by sprinkling some baking soda into a cup of water and swish it around! Add some peppermint essential oil for extra freshness.

It helps keep your smile nice and bright
I whiten my teeth using activated charcoal, but find that brushing with baking soda helps remove surface stains that I acquire from regular daily eating and drinking. It helps maintain my bright white smile in between my whitening phases!

How to brush with baking soda:

There are two main ways that I brush with baking soda.

The first way is simple. I wet my toothbrush and dip the bristles into baking soda and brush my teeth, just like that. Super easy. It does foam up a bit, and the taste is really salty. It’s not very pleasant, but it’s so easy! Since baking soda is alkaline, and our bodies are slightly acidic, I do rinse with the teeniest amount of apple cider vinegar diluted in water afterwards to bring help bring my mouth back to its natural state. I do this when I really want to boost my teeth’s brightness. Makes a huge difference! However, I do NOT recommend doing it this way every day.

Another way I like to brush with baking soda is by making it into a toothpaste using coconut oil! I don’t have exact measurements, but I take about 1 tbsp of coconut oil and sprinkle a pinch or 2 of baking soda. Add a few drops of whatever essential I am feeling for the week, and mix it all up! This makes enough for about a week or so. I only make small batches because I don’t want it to spoil. I love the feeling of my teeth when I brush with this toothpaste, way more smoother, cleaner, and more fresh feeling than any regular toothpaste! Since there is less baking soda in the recipe this way, I don’t find it as brightening as the previous recipe, but it still neutralizes any bad breath bacteria!

The not so great thing about using baking soda:

Like I mentioned, baking soda is alkaline and our bodies are not. Some people (including me) can become sensitive or develop rashes when using baking soda in excess. I once rinsed my mouth with baking soda 3-4 times a day, mixing about a teaspoon of it each time with some water to help get rid of a canker sore. It made my gums extremely sensitive and itchy. So be careful and don’t overdo it! If you are going to brush with straight baking soda, I highly suggest you neutralize your mouth afterwards with diluted apple cider vinegar!

Another thing I’ve experienced (when rinsing my mouth with way too much baking soda in the water) was dry mouth.

I haven’t experienced either problem since being more aware and using less baking soda for brushing, and/or neutralizing afterwards. So if you’re going to try this out, keep these tips in mind!

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