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Review of: Candy Lipz

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Fun to try out, but pretty expensive for what it is. There are many options that are less expensive that do exactly the same thing.

candy lipz review
I am always on the look out for lip plumpers out on the market that work. I love the look of voluminous, pouty lips, as most of us do. There is just something very sexy about them! You also can’t achieve the standard Instaglam look without full lips.

When I heard about CandyLipz, I knew I definitely wanted to try it out, because these look SO different from the other lip plumbers out there today, like the Cynthia Rowland one (read my review here). They are super cute and colourful, I first noticed the apple shaped ones and they are ADORABLE!

CandyLipz Vs. Lipple

These are essentially the same product, with high price tags. The only thing with Lipple is that they only have one size and shape for all lips, Candylipz has various models.

Honestly though, if I were low on cash I’d just buy one of these ones, which do the same thing, in a less fancy and cute package.

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candy lipz apple

Candy Lipz Apple Set

I love the idea of getting natural lip enhancements without injections and surgery. Model A is double lobed and Model B is single lobed, for smaller lips.

candy lipz single vs double lobed

Which look do you prefer?

I ended up getting both of the licorice models because my lips are on the fuller side, but couldn’t decide between whether I like the single or double lobed look more. I decided I wanted to be able change my mind whenever I liked, so I opted to get both!

candy lipz licorice

Candy Lipz Licorice Set

My Results

candy lipz before and after

The Good

  • The pumping devices are SUPER cute and don’t look like adult toys. They come in an Apple shape or Licorice shape. The Apple ones are for smaller lips, and the Licorice ones are for people with fuller ones.
  • This product is different from Fullips and all of the other volumizing devices. It doesn’t look cheap, and it is made out of high quality materials. The packaging was beautiful and luxurious, it was like I was opening a personalized gift. Just think about it, when you shop at a high-end store, they take the time to wrap your items in beautiful bags and gift wrap. Don’t you love that? BUT – I do agree, it’s expensive for what it really is. See a cheaper, not as fancy version here. If you are into luxurious things, this may be for you.
  • It does plump up the lips… I was so shocked to see how it effective it was on my pout! My lips definitely looked a lot fuller
  • You can control the suction, how much or how little you want

The Not So Great

  • Like I mentioned earlier, they’re expensive for what they are. Check out Amazon for cheaper alternatives like this one
  • I bruised like a mofo. It was pretty bad. My husband and daughter laughed at my misfortune. It looked like a had a dirty mustache or something. Slight bruising is to be expected, and is stated everywhere on their website and instruction manual. I have to admit, it may also have been my fault. I wanted to see more results, so I wanted to see how big my pout could get, so I was holding the pump on for more than the suggested time.

The bruising did go down in a few days, and was easily covered up using makeup. I do get slight bruising every time I use it though.

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Top Lip Plumper Only Method (or Bottom Only)

If you’re like me, and would like to enhance either only the top or bottom lip, you’re in luck! You are actually able to do this with Candy Lipz.

If you want a fuller bottom lip, the blocker that comes with all Candy Lipz sets can be used to block off suction from the top lip area.

If you want your top lip to be more enhanced, you can use Model B (if you naturally have a smaller mouth) or Model D (if you naturally have a fuller mouth) to enhance only the top lip. Just install the blocker piece as instructed, and place your top lip into the open area to be suctioned.

Here are my results from plumping my top lip only:

candy lipz top lip only

Candy Lipz Reviews: What Other People Are Saying

candy lipz results candy lipz outcome does candy lipz work candy lipz reviewsat home lip plumper

candylipz results

Obviously, since these aren’t injections, the results are temporary. Most people have stated that they experience results for 2 hours, and then are able to use the device again to maintain their new pouty look. Apparently, with more use overtime, your lips will look fuller by themselves, even if you skip a day of plumping.

Some Tips:

Make sure you drink lots of water! Water helps your skin (and lips!) stay hydrated and looking plump and youthful.

After using the suction on your lips, make sure to apply a moisturizing balm. I prefer to use something a bit minty, as the tingling helps with keeping the blood circulation in the lips!

So, if you are wanting fuller and enhanced volume NATURALLY in your lips, I suggest trying something that creates a suction around your lips, like Candylipz, or a cheaper version of it. Don’t be surprised if your lips come out blue and purple though!

You can CandyLipz products on their official website

  1. Like what I’ve seen and read so going to get ordering one can’t wait to see the results .

  2. I used this last night for the first time and my lips are completely bruised. I noticed its getting worse as today progressed even though I haven’t tried it again. Is this normal? my lips don’t usually bruise even when I get injections.

    1. My lips did end up bruising a bit after. I don’t use the plumper regularly though, only once in awhile for a special occasion.

      I would let the bruising heal first before using it again, and maybe use the plumper for a shorter amount of time and work your way up.

  3. My lips and upper / bottom lips are very bruised I look like a have a mustache .. it did plump my lips but they are very bruised ☹️

  4. It’s a great product..however…it only lasts for about 30 minutes..after begins to deflate. can do it again every 30 minutes but then you walk around with a red ring around your lip area from your nose to the top of your can cover it up with concealer but imaging dabbing concealer every 30 – 40 minutes on top of concealer..on top of concealer. Not a good look.

    I would keep it just to take pics to give myself a full lip affect..definitely not to go out..imagine having full plump lips when you arrive at a party and 30 minutes later they’re practically gone..again..Not a good look.

    1. Oh the things we do for selfies! LOL! this is definitely a short term thing. Have you tried doing a lip scrub? And then moisturizing afterwards? I did this once and the next day I got compliments on my lips. Was shocked that people noticed a difference! Maybe it was an allergic reaction to the scrub. hahaha I’ll take it though!

  5. I have super thin lips and am really pale completed. Within just a minute of putting the Somaluxe Lip Rescue on my lips were more naturally pink and actually plumped! And it was NOT from the “gloss” look because I wiped it off after a minute or two and still had the effects 🙂 just a warning it burns pretty intense for that first minute

    1. I want to try this!!! I kinda love that burning sensation haha!

  6. It bruises more than it plumps. Waste of money.

  7. Unfortunately (for me): Doesn’t fit, doesn’t work. The large size does not cover both commissures (2.5″ corner-to-corner) and, thus, (A) it is difficult to get sufficient suction—no matter what I tried (yes, I read the entire instruction booklet—including all the helpful tips); and (B) it therefore does not plump my entire vermillion border. On the other hand, the small size was much too small.

    ERGO . . .

    It was a complete waste of money—and we don’t have it to burn. In which case . . .

    . . . for the sake of truth in advertising, I highly recommend the “powers that be” disclose the reality of things, which is this: Contrary to the FAQs claim, “CandyLipz can accommodate all lip sizes”, it actually cannot. (For the exact same reason, “one size fits all” inevitably morphed into “one size fits most”.)

    Two more issues on the Candylipz website:

    (1)Both videos (one of which purportedly demonstrates plumping the upper lip) only demonstrate plumping the lower lip.

    (2)In both pamphlet and videos only the small devices are discussed and either illustrated or demonstrated accordingly. The large devices, however, work differently: they are neither vertically compressible nor compatible with the “flip technique”. It would have been helpful if those discrepancies had been noted. I finally figured my blue one must require squeezing the sides together but, since it didn’t work well anyway, I literally strained my (pre-injured) shoulder trying to press it up from the bottom while flipping it around.

    If it fit it would have worked—if it fit . . . and I would have been one more happy customer. Funny how all the “satisfaction guaranteed” products I’ve ordered have gone swimmingly.

    Tamara Bacon

    PS: Not to mention, they are not just a little snarky. Consider their arrogant response in re an (anticipated) “Help” question to return a device because it “does not work”:

    “It works as described. [ . . . ] What are we going to do with your used lip plumper?”

    Wish I’d read that before ordering; don’t think I like these people.

    1. I’m sorry that was your experience! I hate rude customer service!

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