Multi-masking, what is it?

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Cosmedix is a skincare line that combines the power of science and nature together. They create their products by incorporating Nobel prize winning technologies and powerful natural botanicals to provide you with high quality items.

You may have heard of them before. Their most popular products are their CLARITY serum and the AFFIRM antioxidant firming serum.

Their products are used and trusted by physicians, aestheticians and consumers all over the world.

Why I love using masks

I have a pretty good skincare routine, and I’m very consistent with it. However, there are weeks where I totally just fall off the wagon and skip the whole 6 step routine, cutting it down to 2 – Cleanse and moisturize.

Nothing wrong with this, but I DO notice that my skin isn’t as well behaved when I skip steps. *cries*

So masks offer a little “pick me up” for my skin when I’ve neglected it, or it’s just going through some craziness. ie. weather/diet/hormonal/environment change.

multi-masking, face masks, cosmedix, combination skin mask, multi task, skincare tipsWhat is Multi-masking?

Most of us have combination skin. It may be dry in some spots, and have clogged pores in others. You cannot use a detoxing/purifying mask allover if you have dry or sensitive areas! This will totally kill your skin. Trust me.

Instead, invest in multiple masks that take care of different skin concerns. Instead of applying one mask allover at once, apply the appropriate mask(s) to the desired areas.

For instance, I was breaking out in my T-zone this week. I applied the DETOX charcoal mask to my T-zone, while using the GLOW mask on my cheeks.

My cheeks are a little more prone to dryness than my T-zone, and I knew that if I had applied the DETOX onto my cheeks, I’d be red and irritated, and I’m pretty sure my skin would feel completely parched and stripped.

So, let’s move on to what these different masks do.


The DETOX is Cosmedix’s mask with activated charcoal. Charcoal acts like a magnet and basically sucks up and removes all the yucky stuff you don’t want. I have a teeth whitening recipe using activated charcoal and love it.

The combination of charcoal and Kaolin clay in this mask helps to “detox” your skin. This sounds really awesome, but I would only use this in your oilier spots, and avoid

Glow Mask

The GLOW mask is a brightening mask helps remove dead skin cells that are just hanging out on the surface of our face. You don’t want them there cuz they make your skin look dull and… well, not great.

When you get rid of the dead skin cells, you reveal more luminous, smoother skin. It can help lessen discolourations and the look of fine lines.

This mask does have quite a few active ingredients that help physically and chemically exfoliate the skin, so it may irritate your skin a bit. I’m used to chemical exfoliants, so I knew what I was getting myself into before I used this.

I love anything that reveals brighter, more even skin, so no biggie.

Restore Mask

The RESTORE mask is the most “gentle” mask out of the 3. It doesn’t have any active ingredients that “work” on the skin. Instead, it injects your skin with more moisture. This can help your skin look more plump, alive, and healthier if you’re suffering from dry or dehydrated skin.

It’s great to use during the colder months, or if you’ve been swimming in salt water or chlorine in the summer months, your skin is probably begging to be replenished.

What I like to do

I like to use a combo of the DETOX (in my t-zone) and GLOW (on my cheeks) one evening.

The next evening, I like to use the RESTORE allover or only my cheeks, depending on my skin’s needs at the time.

Where to Buy

You can go to their spa finder on their website to see if there is a location near you that carries the brand. Otherwise, your best bet is to go on their official website!

So, do you wanna try these masks out?

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