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Wonderful way to get fuller, pillowy lips without needles and injections! I have always wanted sexier lips and now with a few minutes every day, my lips look better and I love my Angelina-esque look!

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“OMG! What IS that thing?” was the first thing I thought when I saw the ‘Cynthia Rowland Luscious Lips’ plumper. It looks something straight out of… ummm… the adult toy store, and not so much something you would use on your lips

I personally love big, full lips. So when I heard about this product, I was very curious as to how it would work. I am pretty much down to try any lip plumping product, as long as there are no needles and injections involved.

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How Does Cynthia Rowland Luscious Lips Work?

The device that comes in the kit creates a vacuum around your lips, and helps to increase circulation on that area.

Following the program, it promises to increase your lip size by up to 50% INSTANTLY. The results last for several hours, and you are able to use the repeat the program instructions as needed throughout the day.

The program basically is 3-5 sets of 5-second pulls to start off. Once you get more advanced, you can do less sets with longer pulls. For example, 3 sets of 30 second pulls.

Check out their website for more details on the instructions

What I Like About the Cynthia Rowland Lip Plumper

It gives INSTANT results

After using the first time, you will instantly get more circulation flowing to your lips, and you will see the difference it makes. With continued use, you can use longer pulls, and achieve bigger and more dramatic results.

It only takes minutes to do

Like I mentioned, it only takes a few minutes each time to complete a full round of pulls. You can just quickly do it in the morning, on your lunch break, etc and go on with your day.

No Chemicals are being absorbed into your body

Most lip plumpers on the market come in the form of a lipstick or lipgloss, that you have to apply on top of your lips. If you are a person who wants full lips but is not into having weird chemicals put on you, this is a wonderful option.

What I Didn’t Like

The plumpness you get only lasts a few hours

After a few hours, the blood circulation will settle down, and your lips will return to their normal size. You can use the device as often as needed throughout the day, but it is inconvenient to carry it around with you all day.

May cause bruising

Though the pulls don’t hurt, it can cause bruising if you are especially fair or prone to bruising. I do find, however, that once the skin around the lips get used to the pressure, the bruising stops occurring. If you notice bruising, discontinue use of the device until the bruising goes away. Once you’re ready to start back up again, maybe do shorter pulls or less sets.

Final Thoughts

I believe this a good option if you want to fake fuller lips, without the use of unknown and harsh chemicals that most commercially available lip plumpers have. It is plumping using your body’s natural blood circulation, as opposed to applying something on top, and who knows what your body is absorbing from that.

I also LOVE the instant results that you can see. This is especially great if you just wanna spruce up your look for a date night really quick.

They do offer their Therapeutic Lip Crème, which can be purchased by itself or in a kit. The lip crème can be used for better results, or you can use your own lip balms.

They also offer kits with spare lip pumps, so you can have one at home and one for your purse or work, etc.

The individual lip pump by itself retails for $59.99 on their website. Check it out and enjoy the instant results!

 Check out their full line for ‘Luscious Lips’ on their official website

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