Silk’n Flash and Go Review: The good and the bad

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This super easy to use at home hair removal system is one of the top ones if you are looking to invest in doing laser or IPL yourself.

It claims to use HPL, which is short for Home Pulsed Light, which I honestly think that is just their fancy way of saying it’s IPL, but for personal at home use.

So, what’s so special about this at hair removal machine vs others?

What I like about the Flash and Go

  • The handle and head design make it easy to reach difficult places, like the back of your thigh and back
  • 4 cm spot treatment size, which is larger than the tria 4x. It will cover more surface area, therefore take less time to do treatments.
  • Plugs into the wall for power, as opposed to using batteries. Can you imagine how often you’d need to change the batteries?
  • Dermatologist tested
  • It is one of the more affordable options for at home laser/ipl machines, going for $199 on Amazon


What I didn’t like:

  • The starter package comes with only 5000 pulses, which is more than the Remington I-Light Pro, but still less than something like this Elos hair remover.
  • The head is a little too bulky for me. I prefer something a little smaller, as my hands and wrists are very sensitive (I have had injuries in my wrists, so something that’s comfortable for most people to hold is sometimes very difficult for me)
  • This product is NOT suitable for blonde, white, grey, or red hair. Only suggested for individuals with dark hair and light-medium skin. If you are looking for something suited for all skin types, I suggest this one.

Some more reviews on the Flash n Go:

I just finished my 3rd treatment with the Silk’n Flash & Go. I’m excited about the fact that I am already seeing results! It is so easy to use, not time consuming and pain free. I can’t wait to see the final results! If you are interested in an inexpensive permanent hair removal solution with no fuss than Silk’n is for you!


I have been using this Flash and Go since 2012 and let me tell you, I have never ever thought I would be hair free by the time I was 25. If this product would have been out since my teens, I would of been wearing mini skirts and daisy dukes all year round. 🙂

I am a living proof this product does works, If you don’t believe me try it out !!!!


I bought this product at the end of November and have used it regularly since. In fact, they say to use it every 2 weeks in the beginning, but for certain areas I use it every week (not sure if this makes a difference).

I’ve always struggled with facial hair growth. I’ve tried everything from laser, to electrolysis, to waxing, shaving and threading and even tried the No no device. Only thing that came close to working was electrolysis, but for financial reasons I just couldn’t continue the treatments (I was going 3/week for 3 hour sessions each). So far, I believe this product works. My hair still grows back but the hair is finer and there are a lot of patches where there is no hair. So far I’m content with this purchase. Fyi, for anyone concerned if it will work on their skin tone, my skin complexion is light brown (east indian decent) and it works fine. Hope this helps 🙂


So, does the Flash and Go Work?

Even with only 5000 pulses, the refill cartridges are about $40, which, in the end, is still way cheaper than what you’d pay to see a professional. There is also an alternate option to the Flash and Go, which is the Flash and Go Luxx. It comes with 120000 pulses, which should last you a VERY long time, maybe even forever, depending on how many treatments you do. These are both great options if you don’t want to shell out the cash for the Tria 4x.

All in all, this product definitely has the capability to permanently reduce the amount of hair you have. I do believe that the results will be comparable as the results you can get at a professional doctor’s office, if you follow through with the treatments and do them as per the instructions.

Amazon Rating: 3.5/5

My Rating: 3/5

Price: One of the more affordable options at $199

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    1. I believe they suggest to change every 6 uses or something. If you’re pretty good at maintaining I think you can get away with changing it out less often lol! I haven’t changed mine yet… it isn’t as course but my feet don’t need it to be that coarse due to the maintenance I keep on them 🙂

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