Undergarments: What to wear underneath your dresses

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It’s no secret that I love form fitting, figure hugging styles. I have curves and I love to show them! Though, I must admit, I do have some bumps and rolls that aren’t that cute, and of course, the sexy dresses I like to wear aren’t really helping to hide them! :p

There’s a secret to how your fave celebs look so amazing in their outfits for all of their events – shapewear! I know, I know. You’re thinking of those high waisted, white granny panty style girdles that your grandmother rocked. I was so against using Spanx and the like for that very reason, but now I have come to really love body shapers.

Waist trainers as shapewear

Workout Band Waist Trainer by Ann Chery 2026 -Fuchsia-30

These seem to be all the craze nowadays! Though they give you a great hourglass curvy shape, I personally do not think these are ideal to wear underneath form fitting outfits. These waist trainers generally have hooks or zippers, and are made of bulkier materials that show through your clothing. I don’t think that is super flattering if people can obviously see that you are wearing shaping garments.

A better option is to get something that is specifically made to wear under your clothes.

What to wear under your fitted dress

There are SO many kinds of under garments that do different things, slimmers, lifters, smoothers, etc. They all specialize in fixing different “troubles”, and you choose one based on what your problem areas are. Muffin top? Cellulite? Saddlebags? There’s a body shaper for that!

For me personally, my problem is my midsection. My goal is always to make my waist appear smaller, and my hips wider! I want that classic hourglass shape. So I’m always looking for things that slim, flatten and shape the tummy.

Here are some of my faves and how I wear them:

For miniskirts and short dresses

Tummy & Bottom Control Boyshorts by Under Where U50051-Nude-LI don’t find myself wearing shorter dresses and skirts that often anymore, but when I do, I feel more comfortable wearing an under garment to give me a bit more coverage. My favorite is a boyshort that gives me coverage, but also smooths out my belly and love handles.

More info on this model here.

For dresses and skirts with a thicker knit

High-Waisted Panty Shaper with Booty Lift by Leonisa 022239-Black-M
This is sort of more like the classic tummy girdle type. This features a brief-style bottom, which I find “cuts” into the bottom of my buttcheek and looks funny if I’m not pairing it with the correct type of dress material.

If I’m wearing something that’s ribbed or something with a thicker knit, I’m able to wear this style of belly slimming shaper.

Check this one out here.

Most Versatile Shapewear

High Waist Tummy Shaper Shorts by UnderWhere U50252-Black-M
This is my ultimate Spanxs type, body slimmer undergarment! I usually wear above the knee or midi length bodycon styles, and this is perfect for most of my outfits. It shapes my tummy, smoothes out the love handles and hides any cellulite on my thighs. The material of this girdle is thin and sleek enough to wear under even the most body hugging styles. The seamless edges help keep it super discreet. Trust me, no one will know you’re wearing it! I absolutely love mine!

Get yours here

Honorable mentions

butt lifter bra pushup
Though I’ve never tried anything like this, I figured I’d put this in here. These are soooo intriguing to me!

These are basically like the regular shaper shorts, but with cutouts at the butt cheeks to help lift and push up your bum! Sort of like a push up bra for your booty!

Not only does it help make your booty look more amazing (another thing I’m obsessed with is booty! I am always working it out and wanting a bigger and better one!), but it has tummy control and also smoothes out any thigh dimples.

Check it out!

Some tips

  • I always try to buy bras and underwear, including body shapers, in a nude color. I find that this is more discreet and works with more articles of clothing.
  • Yes, it is a bit of a pain to go to the bathroom when wearing body shapers. You can try these dress style tummy and bum shapers, which would be easy to slide on and off for bathroom purposes.

Try a bunch of different styles, models and brands to see what works for you! Thankfully, Hourglass Angels carries many different shapewear brands and styles, and their customer service is super helpful!

If you are wanting to try out some body slimming underwear, I highly suggest you check out their store, as they have a huge variety for you to browse through and decide which is best for you.

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