Say Hello To Longer Legs and a Cuter Bum – in your flats!

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We all love how we look when rocking a pair of killer stilettos – longer, taller, leaner. But we all know that heels aren’t always the most comfortable thing to rock, or practical. Psssst, I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can get that sexy posture wearing your fave casual boots and shoes with hidden insoles!  More Info

invisible heels before and after

Learn more about how these work on their official website

Say hello to longer legs with Invisible Heels!

These high quality, long lasting and durable wedge insoles with memory foam are meant to be inserted into your shoes. They immediately give you the appearance of longer legs, a lifted butt, and overall taller, leaner, more poised look.
The inserts come in 3 different heights, so you can choose the how tall you want to be that day 😉

Invisible Heels Sizing

All of the different heights of the insoles are meant to work with all shoe sizes, the only difference between the insole varieties is the amount of “lift” they’ll provide.

All of them are to be used the same way. Super easy – all you have to do is insert them into the heel of your shoe, and you’re ready to go! You instantly gain better looking legs and a great booty!

The Newbie – ¾” or 2cm lift
the newbie shoe insert
This hidden wedge insert will fit into almost ANY shoe, no need for a higher rise at the back. Great for low top sneakers like these Converses or Keds.

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The Classic – 1.5’ or 4cm lift

the classic elevator shoe insole
This is the original hidden heel insert! It works best with shoes that fit above the ankle, like original Chuck Taylors and Uggs. More info here.

The Elevator – 2’ or 5cm lift

the elevator shoe insole to make you taller
For ladies who want the most length available! Meant to be worn with any shoes or boots that fit above the ankle like Uggs.

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Can they be used for both women AND men?

YES they can! Men and women can both use these invisible shoe lifts in their shoes, make sure you get the right height for the shoes you intend to wear the insoles in.

Invisible Heels Reviews – what everyone else has to say about them

invisible heels for men invisible heels reviews

Where to buy

These aren’t readily available in stores (yet!). The best place to purchase them is on their official website. Right now, they are offering free shipping to all of the USA.

Unfortunately, they do not ship internationally at this time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in on this celebrity secret for instantly longer, thinner legs!

Visit Invisible Heels’ Official website!

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