Chub rub? Try these solutions to prevent chafing

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I love summer, it’s my favourite season! It’s my birthday, there’s no school, and the days are longer. I am also in a good mood (most of the time) in the summer. haha!

However, I’ve developed a side effect in recent years – chub rub.

Yes, I’ve gained some thickness. It’s a combination of weight gain and some muscle gains from trying to get that booty. Well, now I’m experiencing thigh chafing! Which isn’t so nice.

I crept up on me during my vacation to NYC in the middle of August two years ago. It was a total surprise, I’ve never experienced this before!

I know a lot of you ladies experience this too, and here are some products to help with uncomfortable skin rubbing in the hot weather.

Lush Silky Underwear Powder – This sexy and fresh smelling powder promises to keep you soft and dry. Just check out all the rave reviews amongst customers. It is also a multipurpose product that you can use in your hair as a dry shampoo alternative! It’s a good idea to use this in conjunction with wearing shorts or shapewear to prevent uncomfortable skin rubbing.

Monistat Anti Chafing Gel – I’ve already talked about using this stuff as a cheap makeup primer, but let’s talk about what it’s really supposed to be used for: preventing against thigh chafing! This gel applies on silky smooth and can be applied anywhere. Some people who are prone to skin infections also find that it keeps the infections at bay when using this stuff.

Tummy Controlling Athletic Shorts – I wear these ones cuz the inseam is long enough to prevent my thigh chub. I also love how they’re made of a compression material that tucks and smoothes out any tummy and love handle imperfections! I can wear them underneath long shirts in the summer by themselves as shorts.. You know, the ones where you’re wondering, “Is it a shirt, or is it a dress?” My fave staple in warmer weather!

Mid thigh shapewear – Another fave of mine to wear on a night out on the town. You guys already know how I love my shapewear! Since I love dancing up a storm in my bodycon styles, I also make an effort to wear shapewear underneath. Not only does it smooth out my imperfections, but it prevents my thighs from rubbing against each other until they’re raw! Check out these ones from Spanx that are reversible so you have both a black and a nude pair in one!

Bodyglide For Her – Originally made for runners against “runner’s nipple”, the company has made a “For Her” version for us gals who don’t enjoy our skin being rubbed to death against itself. This stuff is known for being non greasy and long lasting. Try it! You’ll probably fall in love. I also love their Anti Blister Balm for your feet. I used this on my latest trip to Vegas (LOTS of walking) and I’m so glad I picked this up!


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