How To Remove Glitter Polish: No Foil Method!

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how to remove glitter nail polish no foil

Love glitter nail polish, but hate the removal process? I discovered an easier way to take the sparklies off, without having to put up too much of a fight. Check it out!

how to remove glitter nail polish no foil

1. Gather your materials! You’ll need nail polish remover, cotton balls (it HAS to be balls, not pads) and a pair of scissors.

2. Unroll a cotton ball,  forming a long and flat piece of cotton

3. Split the piece of cotton in half lengthwise. This cotton ball was a little bit bigger, so I was able to split it lengthwise into four strips.

4. Cut the cotton strips into smaller rectangles big enough to cover your nail beds.

5. Take your nail polish remover, and pour some out into the cap.

6. Dip a corner/edge of the cotton rectangles into the nail polish remover. You don’t have to dunk the entire cotton piece into the remover, the cotton will soak up the liquid by itself. You want the cotton well saturated, and careful, cuz you may have some dripping if there’s too much

7-8. Place the soaked cotton piece onto your nail, covering as much of the nail colour as possible. Make sure there’s contact between the cotton and nail colour! Repeat on all your nails.

9. Let the cotton sit on the nail colour for about 3 minutes. Make sure to gently press down on the cotton during the wait time to ensure that there is contact!

10. Remove the cotton pieces, pressing down and wiggling them a bit, like you normally would when you remove your nail polish. You’ll see that most of the glitter polish is gone, with way less work.

11. Repeat everything again if you need to. I was able to completely remove my glitter nail polish after 2 times.

12. Time for a new mani!

This isn’t only for glitter polishes, you can use this method on regular polish also. It’s way easier and less effort to do it this way, as opposed to sitting there and constantly trying to rub and scratch the polish off for long amounts of time!

Good luck and cheers to our glittery nails 🙂

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  1. Great post! This seriously works so well and I always have a hard time explaining it to my girlfriends. So I just pinned your post so I can send them this pictoral!


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