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Review of: Matefit TeaTox

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This teatox program did help with my water retention. It loses some stars because it doesn't come with a nutrition program, which LoseIT Tea does. I highly suggest LITea if you are serious about weight loss.


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“What is MateFit? What does it do? How does it taste? DOES IT WORK?” are all questions that you’re probably asking yourself after seeing all this buzz about MateFit ‘teatoxes’.

Matefit teatox is meant to be used if you are looking to cleanse out your body, and to help you boost your metabolism to help shed a few pounds.

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If you are serious about losing weight, I highly suggest THIS teatox. Check out my full review here.

My personal opinion on the teas is that it is also a great alternative to other caffeine drinks like coffee, and it’s more tasty than water.

The teas come in loose leaf form, and come with sealable bags for you to put the loose leaves into as a strainer.

Does It Taste Good?

The teas are made of all natural ingredients like peppermint leaves, oolong tea and green tea leaves.

Most people have reported that they love the taste of the teas. Some people do find tea (in general) to be bland, so they like to put milk and honey in their teatox teas.

The teatoxes consist of two teas:

The ‘Metabolic Boost’ tea has a savoury lemon flavour, which will give you an energy boost.

The ‘Detox’ tea has more of a soothing and calming effect, with flavours of mint, cinnamon, and dandelion.

Drinking these “teatoxes” alone will not help you lose all of your unwanted weight, so you must follow a nutrition and exercise program, like the one that comes with every LoseIT Tea teatox.

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How Do These Teatoxes Work?

All of the ingredients have very powerful and useful properties to aid in balancing out your body’s health.

Most of the ingredients are highly antioxidant, which is why the teas are great if you want to do a detox cleanse. What a detox does is basically clean out all the toxins in your body, which everyone has from the foods we eat, the pollution that we breathe in, etc.

Keeping these toxins in your body can be detrimental not only if you’re trying to lose weight, but your overall health. Having too many bad toxins in your body can cause other serious illnesses, like Cancer.

If you are trying to lose weight, a detox is a good idea because it’s like starting with a clean slate. You get rid of all the bad, yucky stuff that is making you feel tired and lazy.

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What People Are Saying – Their Reviews

“It’s a great way to start a healthy lifestyle. I can’t wait more to come with Matefit tea with the bottle. I’m satisfied. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you” – Thanh H.

“I absolutely love it! both my boyfriend and i have been drinking the tea for a week now and not only do i feel lighter, i feel more energized and and my skin even looks clearer! We cant wait to finish the teatox and see the end results!” –Danette P.

“I’m on day 5 of my MateFit 28 day ultimate Detox and so far i feel so energized and less bloaty! Prepping the teas are so easy and adding just a little honey made them so yummy 😀 can’t wait for day 28 to get here!” – Ada P.

“Love the detox tea, it is so yummy and definitely a good AND better substitute for coffee. I no longer need coffee in my life thanks to the metabolic boost. The detox definitely works!” – Mariana Q.

So, Does MateFit Work?

In short, yes. MateFit teas have ingredients in their products that have been used for centuries for weight loss and detoxifying purposes.

Many people have noticed less water retention and bloating after several days on the program, which, sometimes, is all we need to look “beach body ready”.

As for weight loss, this can definitely help boost your metabolism, but that doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want. You will notice far better results if you eat a healthy diet and do regular exercise.

DO NOT expect fantastic results if you are eating burgers and fries and drinking soda every day during or after the teatox. This will definitely give you a “boost”, but it is up to you to maximize your own results. If you are serious about getting healthier, but don’t know where to start, read my review on LoseIT tea here.


You will feel a lot healthier, less sluggish drinking these teas as opposed to sugar filled drinks like sodas and juices. With the extra surge of energy you get, you’ll want to get up and be more active, which definitely will help with the weight loss.

An ORGANIC Alternative to Matefit

If you really want to get healthier this year, drinking tea alone will not give you maximum benefits. You’ll need to change your habits. which is why I recommend LoseIT tea. The benefits are very similar to Matefit, it too has the capabilities to detoxify, speed up metabolism, and boost your energy.

The major difference is that every detox program comes with a whole plan to help get your health on track. You get a grocery list and recipes to follow when you’re on the teatox, special invites to their health webinars, and access to their Facebook group, where you’ll find and chat to like minded people. People who are going through the same things as you are!

As I mentioned before, sipping on the tea will help, but in order to get the full potential of the benefits, you need to change your eating and exercise habits! Good luck on your health journey!

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