How I’m Getting Rid Of My Sun Spots

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I'm really happy with my results. I got a tonne of new freckles after my vacation, and I'm so glad SkinBright has helped fade them!

Age spots, freckles, sun spots, etc. They’re so annoying.

I noticed myself getting them more and more in my mid 20s. I wasn’t even a slave to the sun! Just being out doing errands without sunscreen gave me all of these not so lovely spots.

I believe that how severe your skin reacts to the sun is a bit dependant on your genetics. My mother, youngest brother and I all get crazy spots after a week of going to Hawaii. My other brother, who isn’t as adamant about sunscreen, gets nothing (that we can see with the naked eye, at least).

I’m not saying that just because you can’t SEE it, that the damage isn’t being done.

I’m assuming you’re here because you have spots that you wanna get rid of, and wondering if SkinBright is all it claims to be.

What the heck is Skinbright???

My results, before and after

YES! This is foreal… this is a before and after within 2 weeks. See more results on

Before using these skin fading products, I was using products with glycolic acids. Although those gave me results, I felt like they took MONTHS before I saw noticeable change. My skin felt great, and the texture improved, but the skin evening didn’t come til after awhile.

With Skinbright, I saw results immediately. Perhaps because my spots were still “fresh” from my vacation.

I really am quite shocked that the results came so quick. During my vacation, the entire time I was like “UGH!!! It took me half a year (at least) for my skin to look the way it did!” and I was dreading repeating the process all over again.


Natural skin lightening ingredients

Skinbright uses a bunch of natural ingredients that help with fading imperfections. Alpha-Arbutin and Kojic Acid are the powerhouse ingredients, as they are 2 of the most powerful natural lighteners.

If you’ve used creams that whiten your skin in the past, you might have noticed that your skin was irritated and reacted negatively to the formulas.

That’s what’s different about Skinbrite. Because of their advanced processes, they have been able to combine some very powerful natural lighteners, so they don’t have to implement the irritating formulas of the past.

Not only is their formula meant to fade unwanted pigmentation, but there are highly effective ingredients that are anti-aging. Things like Vitamin A (Retinol) , Allantoin, and lemon extract all help with cell renewal. Your body’s natural cell turnover rate slows down as you get older, so any help you can get with a face cream is important!

These are just some ingredients that stuck out to me, check out their entire ingredients list over here.

How does it work?

With the combination of great ingredients, each of them having a specific job.

The lighteners basically work by inhibiting melanin (pigment) production.

The other ingredients help with exfoliation and cell renewal. You need to get rid of all the gunk on top for your skincare to be as effective as possible!

The rest of the ingredients help to soothe, tone, and hydrate your skin. Willow Bark Extract, which is a natural astringent, gets rid of bacteria that causes acne.

It sounds like this face cream has all your bases covered.

Side effects

I find that with all skin lighteners, the first few times I use a new one, I do feel some irritation. These are active ingredients, after all.

With Meladerm, I found that their formula wasn’t hydrating enough for my skin. So that definitely added to the irritation factor.

My skin has toughened up a bit from using active ingredients like Retinol, glycolic acids, and skin lighteners. But I do get slight discomfort from time to time.

So if this is your first time using a product to fade spots and pigmentation, you may feel some irritation.

Use your best judgement. Some irritation is normal, but if your skin is breaking out in hives and rashes, stop using the product immediately.

What I found that helped tremendously was giving my skin a break from these lightening products. I’d do 2-3 days on, and 2-3 days using a non-lightening product.

How long before I see results?

You will notice that your skin is smoother and more hydrated overnight. If you’ve just recently developed some freckles or spots (say you just came back from a vacation, or you are recovering from a crazy breakout), you’ll see these spots improving within the first 2 weeks.

BUT – to get rid of the older, deeper marks, you need to continue using something like Skinbright consistently.

Another important to keep in mind is when you use any skin lightener, you MUST use sunscreen EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Their company also has a great 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your results, you can get a full money refund within 60 days of your purchase. See their policies here.

My favourite thing about SkinBright

It’s all in the details!

When I opened my package, I saw their Dermcloth (comes with every order) and something in a dark coloured pouch. I thought, “HUH???”

I opened the pouch and it was a frosted, airless pump container for Skinbright. I love this type of packaging because I find it less wasteful than a jar, and more sanitary because you aren’t constantly dipping your fingers into the product.

Another thing is, this packaging prevents air from coming into contact with the product. Oxidization can lower the product’s effectiveness.

So, back to the pouch. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before! The pouch is to help prevent light from damaging the cream. Of course! Light is another factor for the product’s life span. If possible, place the bottle back into the pouch when  not in use, or place the bottle somewhere out of daylight.

Where to buy and pricing

I got my bottle direct from the source,

I’m from Canada, and I received my order came in days! The order was shipped out on a Friday, and I received it on the following Monday.

Like I mentioned earlier,  in order to get the spots that have been around for awhile, you’ll need to consistently use Skinbright for several months to totally transform your skin.

A single bottle is $49.

A “Twin Saver Package” is $88 ($30 savings)

The “Power Saver Package” is $147. (Buy 3, get 1 extra bottle free)

The “Super Saver Package” is $196. (Buy 4, get 2 extra bottles free)

To save on shipping, I suggest buying their multi-packs. And since their packaging is airless, your product won’t go bad. See their multipack offers here.

Before And After Age Spots


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