Vanna Belt Tummy Tucking Leggings: A dud for me

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They didn't work out for me or my cousins. Maybe we just didn't have the right body type? If we went up in size to fit our waist, the legs would be too loose.

I hate pants. It is so hard for me to find a pair of pants that fit me properly.

It seems like I find a great looking pair of pants, and it only will only fit in the waist OR the hips and legs, not both.

I had high hopes when I saw that Vanna Belt released their leggings. These are high quality skinny satin pants that compress your thighs and tummy, while lifting and popping that booty out for you!

The Benefits of VannaBelt Leggings

Like I mentioned, these pants were meant to tuck you in all the right places, and lift and pop the booty.

These pants are meant to fit kinda snug so that they can compress certain areas.

On the inside, the pants have an inner layer that are similar to these booty lifting shorts that help give your booty more oomph.

The pants are VERY high waisted. It has a zipper closure on the outside, and 3 hook closures similar to the back of your bra on the inside.

The rubber trim is meant to help the waist band stay put.

My Experience

These fit VERY VERY VERY…. VERY small in the waist!

At first I ordered a size XL, but those were sooooo small.

I let my cousins try them on, and my 9 year old daughter. None of them were able to fit the pants in the waist. My cousin and my daughter are about a size 2-3 juniors size, 5’0 tall and under. They are TINY, and the size XL didn’t fit them. The legs were like a relaxed skinny on them, not skintight skinny.

I ended up getting a size XXXL, yes, that’s 3XL, for myself.

I was able to shimmy and shake into it. I had a hard time zipping it up, but I eventually got it on.

They did lift and perk up our booties, so that’s the good thing.

Although I was able to do up these pants, I don’t think I’d wear them out as they are so hard to do up.

Who I think these are for

I think the Vanna leggings will work if you are more pear shaped, meaning smaller waist and wider hips.

My cousins and I all have narrower hips, so we didn’t seem to fill out the hips/legs. But the waists would not close on us at all.

Keep in mind that these pants do fit extremely small, so make sure to measure and check your sizing according to their size chart.


These didn’t work for us, but I think they’d work for someone else who has different body proportions.


  • Lifts the booty
  • High quality materials, not sheer or see through
  • Seems like it would control the tummy if it fit


  • Waist is so high (up to your breast bone) which I understand because it’s meant to contour your entire waist, but I don’t think it’s a cute look if you’re wearing a crop top.
  • These fit super tiny
  • Probably won’t fit you properly unless you have a pear or a really tiny waisted hourglass body

Really, the only reason we didn’t like these were because they didn’t fit us properly. We could have went up in size to fit our waist, but then the legs would be too loose.

If you plan on ordering leggings, be sure to check the size chart. Measure and check your sizing on their website.


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