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When it comes to online shopping, us Canadians do not have many great options. It seems like anytime there is a great promo on for our favourite online shops, the promo is only valid in the USA. BUMMERRRR!!!

Though the online shopping space isn’t quite as developed as our neighbours down south, it’s getting a lot better. Take for example.

What Is Is it a scam? is an Canadian online retailer that sells almost everything you’d need at one place online. Clothes, shoes, home decor, electronics, it’s all there.

After some inspection, it seems that gets their inventory from different Canadian suppliers. In particular, I was looking at Converse shoes from them, and noticed that the supplier was Boathouse.

This may result in different shipping times and experiences for people. Some items they order may be coming from different suppliers, who have different fulfillment processes. This (I assume) is out of’s control, though I’m sure they try to work with reliable companies.

Why should I shop here?

One of the crappy things about being a Canadian and shopping from American shops online is the price of shipping it across the border.

Not online that, but you are required to pay customs and duties on most items. Depending on what you buy, you could pay up to 20% on top of the cost of the items purchased! That doesn’t include the handling fee that most postal services charge. Canada post charges $9.95, and they have the lowest handling fee I’ve encountered.

Oh, also, our dollar sucks compared to USD right now.

Does offer free shipping?

YES! There are no minimums to spend, and they offer free return shipping of needed!

What’s their Return Policy?

Some items get a 365 day return policy, check out their full details here.

My experience with

Like I mentioned, I was eyeing some Converse shoes. I did a quick search on their website and saw that they had the all white ones listed!

When I clicked on the listing, it stated that my size was not in stock.

I looked at their other shoe offerings and a bunch of styles I liked only had random sizes in stock.

Luckily, I looked at the mens shoe section, and they listed that the white converse shoes were in stock in mens sizes. I converted my size to a man’s shoe size and ordered that.

The order took about a week to get to me.

Once I got them in the mail, I tried on the shoes and they were too big 🙁

I emailed their customer service and they were very quick to respond and sent me my return shipping slip.

I am hoping they get the shoes in my size, because I really wanted them!


Free shipping, free returns, great return policy, some cool brands on there like Quay sunglasses and Nettle’s Tale. Quick customer service. Supporting a Canadian company.

Items are supplied by different companies, which may have different fulfillment times.
A lot of items/sizes I wanted were out of stock.

  1. My experience has been awful. I was sent an incomplete product. Opened it noticed the issue 18 days past their return policy and they strung me along for From august until today to find out thwybwknr send me the missing piece and I can’t return the product. Note: it’s a baby camera so I bought it when I was pregnant which is why I bought it so far in advance. It’s missing the temperature sensor. So pretty useless since I cant buy that piece separately.

    1. I’m sorry this was your experience Daniela. Could you possibly get on the phone with them? I find Facebook messages or even sending companies a tweet also helps get you pointed in the right direction. I hope they work this out with you!

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