How To: wear transparent styles

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see through skirt and bodysuit
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Last week, I talked about this sensual trend that’s becoming more and more chic.

Peek-a-boo panels, sheer materials, and cut outs here, there, everywhere!

But wait – what do you wear underneath? I mean, yes, the styles are meant to show a bit more skin. But we don’t want all of our goodies to be hanging out!

So what do we wear to hide our precious lady parts?

Let’s get into it!

A body suit

If you’re trying to rock a sheer skirt that doesn’t come with a lining, you can try wearing a bodysuit underneath. It’s also less articles of clothing to worry about!

High waisted brief

Another idea for an unlined skirt, you could wear a high waisted brief like this one. This way, you can pair up your see-through skirts with those cute crop tops!

Check out my post on how to wear shapewear with your outfits.

Fancy Bra

For all of those sexy blouses out there, you can try wearing an intricately detailed bra underneath. You can even leave the top buttons undone and let the bra peek through!

See my post on fuller bust bra styles.

Some Tips:

If it’s a casual event you’re dressing for, or if you’re feeling a bit more bold, you can wear a bra that’s a different colour than your top.

IMO though, if you’re rocking briefs or panties that’s going to be shown through the bottoms, I think the undergarment should be black. If you’re feeling very risque, white or nude would work with certain pieces also.

Of course, there are exceptions, depending on your own personal style and comfort level. The actual articles of clothing also come into play.

So, will you be rocking this revealing trend in the upcoming warmer months?

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