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Get HookedUp, get smooth and stay smooth

We all need a little help sometimes. The biggest misconception is that shapewear is only for senior citizens or overweight people. Hell, I was too proud to buy my first body shaper!

But the great Amrezy, one of my favourite Instagram celebs, admitted on her blog that she wears smoothing undergarments underneath her fitted outfits. She always looks amazing!

Another big celeb that admitted to wearing Spanx, even DOUBLING up on it is none other than Kim Kardashion. If she wears shapewear, I can wear shapewear! Hahahaha, talk about the power of influence she has on me!

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Since then, I’ve tried many shapers and smoothers out there. I’ve collected quite a few. A lot have left me disappointed.

Unflattering seams, digging, and bringing out even more unwanted rolls. I thought shapewear was supposed to take away these problems, not create more!

Enter, HookedUp

What’s so different about HookedUp? Look at this:

hooked up shapewear before after

Need I say more?

As soon as I saw this photo, I was sold.

The difference between Hooked Up vs. other shapewear is that the waist goes up higher, and it hooks on to your bra to create a smooth and seamless silhouette.

hookedup shaper blackYou see, my problem area is my tummy and back area. I will find a body shaper that smoothes out the stomach area, but the waist bands and elastics will always dig into my back and create a mid-upper back muffin top. No thank you!

HookedUp currently has 3 different styles that all come in either Black or Nude.

Shaping Slip

hooked up nude skirt slip
This is an easy on, easy off skirt style shaper that works with almost any dress/skirt that is mid thigh or longer. Shown here with one of my fave super smooth bras!

Shaping Brief

hookedup brief
This one is GREAT if you’ve got sexy legs and you love to show them off! The legless design allows you to wear this with shorter dress styles. Some women even prefer to wear this with pants or jeans.

There’s a hook and eye closure to allow you to go to the bathroom easily.

Mid-thigh Shaper

hookedup midthigh
Another close favourite of mine to the slip. I find this mid-thigh style very versatile and I feel more comfortable and secure because it gives me more coverage under my dresses/skirts.

Need to go to the bathroom? No worries, there’s an open gusset to help you do what you have to do.

How to Put on HookedUp

Final Notes

My favourites are the slip and the mid thigh shaper. I did find the briefs, even though seamless, dig in a bit into my bum cheeks (I have this issue with any kind of brief style panty or shaper). But this is easily disguisable if you are wearing a thicker knit or pants. Check out my other tips on banishing panty lines in this post.

The fabric on the shapers are very high quality, super smooth and comfortable. And no unsightly weird seams running down the front or back.

After some inspection, it seemed to me that the front (stomach) panel was double lined and provided the most control in the front.


As I already mentioned, my stomach is a problem area for me.

I find a lot of shapers will flatten out my tummy, but also my bum! That is something I absolutely do not want! This shaper will smooth and contour the curves you do want, and flatten out what you don’t!

Since the waist area comes up higher than most shapewear, some women do find that they can wear their Hooked Up garments without hooking it at all, and it still stays in place and smooths out their back area!

My HookedUp shapers are easily becoming very handy when I want to look my best.

Get HookedUp. Get it up and keep it up!

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