I’m Too Friggin Young to Wear Shapewear!

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why should i wear shapewear

Okay, I’ll admit it. I was kind of iffy about wearing shapewear at first. I mean, it’s for older people, right?


Truth is, a lot of your favorite celebs who are pretty perfect wear it too. Everyone needs that little bit of extra help to feel confident sometimes. And sometimes, the answer is to have a little nip/tuck via a body shaper. Like this one, which helps eliminate muffin top.

I was more open to wearing these undergarments once I learned that some of my favourite models and celebs, who are nowhere near old, overweight, or really had any flaws, wore shapewear too.

I don’t wear it because the world is judging me, or that I feel I “have” to look a certain way for everyone else. Honestly, I wear it for me. I do everything for me. Lol. I wear it because it helps me feel more confident about myself and I am able to bring my best face forward.

Weird how something like underwear can change your mood, huh?

Don’t be too proud

The biggest misconception is that shapewear is only for older, overweight people. As I’ve already stated, this is simply not true.

Shapewear can help smooth out any unwanted imperfections, and bring out your best curves. You know, like those amazing yoga pants that you own, that compress the dimples, and hug and lift your bum perfectly to bring out its shape? That’s exactly what good shapewear could do for you, under a dress!

Get the right kind

There are all types of different garments, for different reasons. Tummy control, cellulite, long, short, full body, etc. You may need a few different pieces for different outfits and occasions.

Each body has its own set of imperfections, which is totally normal. We all have something we don’t like about ourselves. No one notices these imperfections as much as we do, trust me on this.

But wearing shapewear for yourself to hide the things we don’t like, for ourselves, can make us feel better.

Choose the right colour!

I always opt for black or nude, with nude always being my first choice. It can go under anything. If you wear something that’s too sheer with a black shaper, it may show through. But nude almost always goes undetectable!

Wear it for yourself

Not to sound like a broken record, but only wear shapewear because you want to. Because it makes you feel more confident and sexy (just like how those awesome yoga pants make you feel!). In some cases, these undergarments can help make you feel better about yourself, whether you actually need it or not.

Remember, this is only one aspect of confidence though. I believe that as long as you are enjoying yourself, laughing, having a great time, THAT is the best version of you. Having great hair, makeup, an amazing outfit, those are just icing on the cake!

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