Preventing Nip Slip – big boobs edition

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Okay, I’ll admit it. When I go out for drinks and fun, I like to dress a little more… scandalously.

I’m pretty comfortable with it. I am usually out with hubby anyways, so nothing funny ever goes down.

Not that it matters. Woman, wear what you like, when you like! Whatever you’re comfortable in.

jumpsuit from

So I was trying to pick out an outfit for an outing that I had coming up. I didn’t want anything too showy or flashy. I had decided on a heather grey jump suit. Something like the following:

Okay, I know I said to wear what you like for yourself, but hubby did not like the jumpsuit. He said it looked like a pair of PJs. I did NOT want to wear a pair of PJs!

The winner

I found a blush pink, with a VERY low plunging neckline that I bought, but never worn before. I paired it with a blush coloured bandage skirt. Hubby obviously approved. lol

top from

I wasn’t sure about the top at first, but I thought, “Hey, this is the best my boobs will EVER look, for the rest of my life. This is the highest they’ll ever sit. They’re only gonna get lower from this point on!”

It was basically a whole now or never, “you’re never gonna feel like you’re 100% good enough, so just do it now” pep talk for my boobs.

The problem

So, with my huge boobs, that like to move, and the addition of alcoholic drinks, I could picture that, if not planned properly, some wardrobe malfunctions were about to go down.

I always feel like my boobs are more of an issue than other people’s because a) they’re real, and b) they’re HUGE.

The solution

I have heard of boob tape. Basically, double sided tape that goes between your skin and your clothing to help them stay in place. I’ve never tried them, and since I have the idea that my boobs are super difficult, figured it wouldn’t work for me.

I was on the hunt for something that worked.

Double-sided tape for boobs

The first item is pretty obvious. Double sided tape. I could see where this could go wrong, but after asking a few friends, they swore by it.

This is what I ended up going with for my evening out, but I don’t think it’s a completely worry free solution.

I didn’t have any nip slips, but the tape did come off in certain places.

Before the outing, I did a test as to where were the best places to place the tape, and did a series of violent boob shimmies, and it was pretty good. But, like I said, some of the tape didn’t stick well to the fabric.

This is how I placed my tape in the top, and it held pretty well.

As you can see, I placed the tape around my nipple area because those places had the most contact with the fabric of the top.

Initially, I tried placing the tape by the edges of the triangle top, but that did not hold at all. I’m assuming because this area “moves” a lot.

The best brand of boob tape

I heard that Hollywood tape is the best and a lot of people swear by it

I used a random brand that I found in the sewing/crafts aisle at Walmart, but had I seen the Hollywood one, I would have grabbed it. You can find it on

So basically, attach the tape where there is little movement between the fabric and your skin, but lots of contact between the two.

I taped a bunch of strips closer to the edge of the fabric too, just in case. those were the first to stop sticking, but the ones closer to my nipples stayed pretty well.


I haven’t tried this, but I can see how this works. I’d imagine that this would work better for more structured bodices (like in a wedding/prom/bridesmaid dress) and if you’re wearing a bra underneath.

Basically, have your seamstress attach velcro pieces to the inside of your bodice, and to your bra (where the bodice and the bra meet). This will hold up a lot better than tape. I’d also imagine you’d need a few strips of velcro, in different positions, just like how I had my boob tape above.

It Stays Body Adhesive

An A-list secret, this is a surgical grade body glue used by Hollywood’s makeup artists to the celebrities. Instead of tape, they use this stuff.

It doesn’t stain or damage your clothes, and helps material stay put until you take it off. It leaves no residue, and washes away easily with soap and water.

Some people use it with their swimsuit top and bottoms to stay in place. No more swim wedgies!

I have not tried this myself, but it was highly suggested and gets rave reviews. It even works for heavier garments like wedding dresses.

Check it out on Amazon, where there are a lot of reviews.

Toupee Tape

Last, but not least, we have toupee tape. I wanted to try this option so bad, but my local Sally’s didn’t have Topstick, the preferred brand of toupee tape.

I figured, if it’s good enough to help keep people’s hair pieces in place, it must be good enough for my boobs, right?

After doing some research online, it seems like this is the way to go if you cannot get your hands on the “It Stays”.

Some girls swore they could do some crazy Kill Bill samurai moves when they used Toupee Tape.

However, be careful, as it may leave residue on your clothes. Head on over to your local beauty supply store to grab some or grab it online at Sally’s.

Another thing to consider is skin irritations. Always test out whatever you end up using on an inconspicuous area on your body to see if you will have any negative reactions.

  1. This was a great read! I don’t have pretty big boobs. I’m apart of the itty bitty titty committee but girl this was fun to read. I love your writing style, simple with some fierceness to it!

    1. Thank you!!!

      I am jealous of itty bitties. I find they’re more easy to manage, and it’s easy to make them look the way you want them to, with all the different bras and stuff.

  2. Such great tips that no one talks about! There’s a couple of outfits I think I can try now!!

    1. hahaha get some good tape!!!! 😉 and use lots of it!

  3. Omg! I love this, I have the same problem and have on more than one occasion had the dreaded slip ????‍♀️. Heading to the shops right now.

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