Secrets to Looking Like an IG Baddie

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This is a light hearted and fun post that I decided to write about because, well, it’s kinda what’s hot in pop culture right now. I do normally prefer my makeup to be very understated, but this was pretty fun to do, even though it’s out of my comfort zone.

This conversation came up when my sister in law and I had to attend a birthday party, and in our attempt to deny our mid-to-late-20s age, we decided to try to “look like an Instagram baddie”. It was supposed to be fun and funny, but we were kinda for realsies about it. hahaha

So here are some things I’ve gathered that you MUST do to look like the hot girls of the ‘gram.

Watch my Instagram Baddies Makeup Tutorial below

Products Used:
Makeup Forever HD foundation from Sephora
Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation from Sephora
Pur Cosmetics Cameo Contour in Light
ELF matte bronzer (discontinued)
RCMA No color powder
YSL Touche Eclat from Sephora
Pur Pro Lashes in Bombshell
Eve Pearl Blush Trio in Sweet Cheeks
Dior Nudeskin Bronzer from Sephora
Nicka K True Matte in Turkish Rose

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – SRP $10.99 more info here
Ecotools Perfecting Blender Duo – SRP $15.99 more info here

Cake on the makeup

These girls look awesome in photos, but you can literally see the flash on their cameras bounce off the layers of foundation. Some faves are the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, Makeup Forever HD, and Kat Von D. Whatever you use, make sure to CAKE. IT. ON.

Face Definition

Another key to making sure our face isn’t washed out in photos is to contour and highlight, a technique that they used in theatre makeup to make faces and features stand out from further distances. Use something like the PUR contour stick.

You’re glowing, dahhhling

If you like the glowy, dewy, strobing look, use a facial mist spray like this one or make your own.

Then layer on that shimmery highlighter and glow like a glazed donut! A popular one is the Sugar Glow Kit or the Killawatt Freestyle palettes. Don’t forget the Unicorn Essence!

What about hair?

Anything goes. Messy, straight, wavy, up, down, braids, whatever.

Big lashes

I think lashes make a huge difference. I’m not big on caking my makeup on or dark eye makeup. I feel 100% a new woman when I put on a pair of fabulous lashes. Some good companies to look at are Mademoiselle Lashes (I’m a huge fan of their sexy silk lashes!), Lilly Lashes (created by an IG glam queen, Lilly Ghalichi), or my current fave are the PUR Pro Eyelashes in Bombshell.

Edited: My new faves are the Jenai lashes.

Look at how big lashes change the entire look! These are the Bombshell ones by PUR.

Learn your angles and poses

One thing I’ve learnt from my pro MUA days, if it feels awkward, it probably looks awesome in photos.

Use a digital camera for your photos

Most of the girls you see on IG are using higher end digital cameras to take their awesome photos. Some of the more popular ones are the Sony A5100 and the Canon G7x, as these have screens that flip so you can see what you’re pointing the camera at.

They also have the capability to connect to your phone, so you can transfer the photos straight to your phone without any wires!

If you’re just gonna use your smartphone, be sure to get one of those selfie light things!

Use a tripod and remote to take “Pro” photos

Bootleg, wannabe baddie. LOL taken with my Iphone and a selfie light. I’ll have to invest into a camera 😉

Don’t have anyone to take your photos for you? Use a tripod and this remote control for your camera to snap photos of you posing.

Dress Up

Even if you have nowhere to go. Put on glam clothes that you wouldn’t consider wearing in public. Just do it for the ‘gram. Literally just dress up for selfies and photos. Post them to Instagram. It’s all about the illusion of being an Instagram baddie. Put on your highest pair of heels (don’t worry, I got some suggestions on getting the same luxury shoe look on the cheap for you too!), don’t worry if you can’t walk in them. You don’t actually have to go anywhere. JUST DO IT FOR THE ‘GRAM!

Luckily, clothes don’t have to be all that expensive. I like,, and Lulu’

Whatever you do, don’t shop at FashionMia.

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