The number 1 most important step (IMO) for beautiful skin

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I’ve been taking better care of my skin for several years now.

I used to just put whatever was around on it, not really paying attention.

I didn’t have terrible skin, but it didn’t look amazing either.

Since exiting my mid 20’s, something inside me decided to take better care of my skin.

I’m gonna start by telling you about my Olay Microdermabrasion kit, and why I love it.

olay microdermabrasion, skin exfoliation, at home microdermabrasion, perfect skin, beautiful skin, skincare, skincare products, skincare routineThe ESSENTIAL step on your routine

I think the most important part of your skincare routine is exfoliation. Most of us have a buildup of dead skin cells sitting on the outer layer of skin, and that causes our skin to look dull and not so great.

Not only that, but I feel that the dead skin cells also collect dirt and debris, and cause more clogged pores – ie. blackheads.

Along with fewer clogged pores, you’re also optimizing your skincare products’ performance. They are no longer being sucked up by the dead skin cells. Instead, they are actually being absorbed by your fresh, clean skin.

I also think this is why makeup applies and looks different on my skin than when I use the same products on other people. 

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Because I have a cleaner canvas, I use less makeup, it applies better and sits on my skin differently, and gives an overall more radiant look.

Olay Pro X Microdermabrasion vs. Clarisonic

I haven’t tried the Clarisonic personally, but I’ve seen it in action. I honestly don’t think it’s worth all of that extra money.

Like I said, exfoliation is KEY.

The Clarisonic brush head doesn’t do a full 360 rotation like the Olay does. Instead, it oscillates, which barely moves. Check out the video of it on

Just by judging it at first glance, I don’t think it’d do as an effective job at exfoliation as the Olay does.

Foam head vs. Brush head

I personally prefer the brush head, I feel it makes my skin feel more “clean”.

The brush head is a bit more abrasive than the sponge, so if your skin gets irritated easily, I can see how the sponge head is useful.

How I use it

I use the Olay Microdermabrasion cleansing system every day. Unless I spent the night partying too much. haha!

I wash off my makeup with a cleanser, rinse it off, then wash my face with cleanser using the Olay brush. I use it on my skin for about a minute.

In the shower

I use this in the shower every single day as this is waterproof. I haven’t had any issues yet. I store it in the shower, but towards the back of the bathtub so it isn’t constantly being doused in water.


The Olay Advanced Cleansing System does come with its own cleansers, which I do enjoy, but I also use other ones, depending on what my skin needs that day.

If my skin is feeling a bit more dry and needs something gentle, I’ll use the NuGlow Pure and Simple Cleanser.

If I feel like my skin has a bunch of buildup, I will use something like the L’oreal Bright Reveal cleanser or the Biore Baking Soda Cleanser. These are more abrasive and “active” so I’d stay away if you have irritated skin.

Replacement heads

I’ve had this thing for 6 months, and I haven’t replaced the brush head yet. I know that you can get replacement brushes if needed. I can see how the sponge head would need replacing sooner than the brush head would. See replacement heads here.

Basically, get it

You need this in your life. You can even get a knock off version. It doesn’t matter. You need something that has a brush head that will exfoliate your skin. Period.

Check pricing on

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