Exfoliating Peel Spray: lovin’ that GLOW!

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We all know how obsessed I am with cell renewal/exfoliation. I truly believe that is the KEY to having healthy looking skin.

I mentioned in my previous post that I am trying to get rid of some unwanted spots from my latest vacation to Hawaii. So far, using the right products is helping!

Another product I’ve added to my arsenal for fading these spots away is this Exfoliating Peel Spray by Juice Beauty.

Juice Beauty is easily becoming one of my favourite skincare brands right now. Their products are organic and cruelty free, and most importantly, they work!

How it works

This isn’t your typical scrub exfoliant.

The product itself is a liquid. You can spray this directly onto your face, though I like to spray a couple of pumps onto my fingers and massage it onto my face.

Once massaged onto the skin, something magical happens. The liquid somehow reacts with your skin and it starts to ball up!

You can see all of the little balls of dead skin.

Rinse off the solution, and voila! You’ve got smoother, softer skin.

My experience

I’ve been using this Peel Spray for about 2 months now. I use it 1-2 times a week, after cleansing.

I wasn’t expecting too much at first, if I’m being quite honest. Most exfoliators do a good job at making my skin feel great afterwards, so I was expecting it to at least provide me with that.

Well, let me tell you, not only did this make my skin feel great, but it made my skin look brighter and more glowy!

L: Before R: After using Juice Beauty’s Peel Spray

I had a healthy glow to my skin, which I absolutely love! I am forever looking for products that help give a youthful dew to my skin.

Not only does it help reveal new skin, but it’ll help your other skincare products perform better also.

See, it helps get rid of the dead skin buildup that is on the outer layer of our skin. This means that any products that we apply to our skin will actually get a chance to penetrate into our skin, instead of just being applied to the dead skin cells.


I already had this product when I can back from Hawaii, and I knew to use it ASAP to help me get rid of these unwanted spots.

I am very happy with how my results are coming along, I have seen a vast change in my skin just by implementing these effective products into my regime.

I do believe that the Peel Spray helps maintain my skin. I hate dull looking skin due to lots of dead skin build up, and using this regularly not only keeps me glowing, but improves the performance of my other skincare products.

Who should use Juice Beauty Exfoliating Spray

I believe that this product has quite a bit of stronger active ingredients, to help with the peeling action. If you’ve got really sensitive skin, I’d stay away from this peel. They have some other, more gentler options here.

If you don’t have crazy sensitive skin, I’d highly suggest this. Especially for women in their mid twenties and beyond!

Where to buy

This product can be purchased on their official website, and retails for $49.99

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