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Seems like the older I get, the less makeup I wear. I am really more and more into taking great care of my skin.

But, I DO agree that I look more put together when I put a little makeup on. Because my skin is better, I no longer have to spend time with foundation. I find I can usually get away with a bit of concealer on spots, some blush and bronzer, and I’m ready to go!

This is my current go to “lazy day” makeup (before and after). No concealer or foundation. Here I am using a combination of the Golden-Bronze to subtly contour and the Cream-Marigold as blush/highlight.

These Juice Beauty Flash Luminizers are an organic cream highlighter, blush or bronzer product, meant to quickly and easily add a bit of colour and glow to your skin.

The Packaging

When I first got my hands on the Flash Luminizers in the mail, the packaging looked interesting… and I couldn’t figure out how to use it. After some investigating, I figured it out.

Watch this video to see how it works:

There are 3 shades to choose from. Each unit is double ended, each end with a cream stick. Depending on the shades you get, one side is a blush or a bronzer, and the other end is a highlighter.

I love this packaging as it is compact and GREAT for people who travel. Non-liquid, and a 2-in1!

How To Apply Flash Luminizers

I found these face charts really helpful when I wasn’t sure which colour goes where:

How It Feels

The formula surprised me. I was expecting the stick to feel kind of waxy and “tug” on my skin. To my amazement, this was not the case. The formula is creamy and glided on super smooth.

As always, Juice Beauty products are organic and cruelty free. The sticks not only add a hint of colour, but they hydrate your skin with coconut oil. Check out more info on their ingredients here.

How It Looks

Here I am, with the Blush – Rose combo. I love how it added something extra, without being too obvious. I applied the darker shade as blush and a bit on my eyelids. The highlighter colour I applied to the top of my cheekbones, down my nose, and on the inner corners of my eyes. OH! And my cupid’s bow 😉

This photo was taken after my vacation, and my skin was kind of freaking out, so you can see my skin isn’t on its best behaviour. I still opted to not wear any foundation or concealer, #lazy. Lol!

To Sum It Up…

I love these things! Like I mentioned, they have been my go-to lately because I just don’t feel like doing my makeup. I would highly suggest them to anyone that needs something as a quick “pick me up”. .

You can get these are and they retail for $32usd

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