Permanent Laser Hair Removal At Home

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permanent-hair-removalAre you like I was, and wanted to be practically hair free, but couldn’t afford hair removal from a laser clinic?

It IS possible to be hair free without spending the massive amounts of money you’d spend at a doctor’s office.

First, let’s take a look at the prices these clinics charge.

Laser hair removal cost

This diagram demonstrates the average price for electrolysis hair removal, PER SESSION! As we all know, hair grows in cycles, and for the permanent epilation to be effective, you need multiple sessions. Granted, IPL or laser is a better choice and will save you money in the long run from not needing shaving cream and razors every few weeks. But most people do not have that kind of money upfront to pay to go see a dermatologist or aesthetician for permanent hair removing treatments.

The better option for those of us who aren’t stacked with money is an at home solution. DIY laser hair removal, shall we say? I started doing my research and came up with a list of the top at home laser and IPL machines. But before that, I needed to get some research in!

Are in home laser hair remover machines safe?

As with any big ticket item I buy, I like to look at reviews online to see what my options are and try to decide which is the best option for me. There is so much information in the internet about IPL, electrolysis and laser light therapy being used for hair removal, but not much info about machines for in home use.

How safe a product is to use should always be one of your top priorities when buying something new. Through my research on finding the best laser systems, I have found that most are individually FDA approved and clinically proven of their results. Of course, a machine can be considered completely safe to use, but please use your better judgement when using these machines and use them as recommended.

Read all of the instructions that come with the hair removal system that you decide on. Also, before using your machine, make sure to prep and have all of the necessary accessories to use before you start! Remember, safety first. If you aren’t properly prepared, the experience may turn you off and you will never repeat the process again, and lead you to believe that laser hair removal simply does not work. WHICH IS NOT TRUE!

Benefits of laser hair removal

So what’s the purpose of laser hair removal (LHR)? Let me state the obvious, PERMANENTLY FREE OF BODY HAIR!!!! It used to be that to get any kind of light therapy hair removing, you’d have to go to a specialised clinic. But now, you can enjoy the long lasting hair free results in your own home!

How laser or IPL works, is it basically zaps the root of each hair, killing it, and making it fall out. The pores that the hairs came from usually shrink. If hair does grow back, it grows back finer, softer and less noticeable.

nomore-shavingSometimes, people experience new hair growth after 6 months or so of the initial cycle, but again, there is a lot less hair than there usually was. This is the other nice thing about having your own personal machine at home. You can do touch up sessions whenever you feel you need it.

Since you aren’t shaving every day, your skin isn’t full of knicks and cuts. Some people also experience dark spots where their pores are, this is also a thing of the past once you’ve removed your hair with laser treatment. Ingrown hairs, those annoying little bumps are no longer a problem!

Important things to keep in mind

Like I mentioned earlier, reading and understanding the instructions for each LHR machine is crucial. If a simple detail is missed, your investment in a LHR system may cause you lots of frustration.


What is the color of the body hair you’re wanting to get rid of? All light therapy machines that help to rid of hair can only target light brown to black hair.

Unfortunately, if you have blonde, red or grey hair, IPL or laser is not likely to be as effective for you.

Another thing to consider is your skin tone.

Most LHR machines only work well on fair to medium skin tones. If your skin tone is medium brown or darker, you risk damaging the pigment in your skin.

However, as I have stated in my Top Hair Removal Machines post, the Me My Elos system is suitable for dark skin tones. This is a huge deal. No other machines claim this!

Final thoughts before starting your laser hair removal journey

DO NOT use LHR on newly waxed or epilated hair. The area that you want to treat should only be shaved before starting your sessions. The root of the hair needs to be present in order for LHR to work properly.

DO NOT use on areas with darker skin. Our skin isn’t the same colour allover our bodies. Skin on the genitals are usually a bit darker and may not be suitable for LHR use. Another thing to consider is if you’ve got any tattoos or birthmarks, to use LHR with caution. Always use the skin tone detector that comes with your machine to make sure it is safe.

Not all hair is the same. If your hair is on the thicker or coarser side, it is easier for the light to detect it and help get rid of it. Finer or lighter colored hair may need more sessions.

We don’t all have the same amount of hair. The more hair you have, the more sessions you’d have to do. So stay consistent and persistent!

Be sure to check out my reviews of different machines!

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