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Warm weather, summer time, itty bitty teeny tiny bikinis. Hearing these words surely makes you feel frantic. You’ve been working on that beach body, hitting the gym hard and getting your spray tans (UV tans are a no no! We don’t like skin cancer!). But, is your hairy problem situated?

Most of us don’t have the cash to shell out to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for clinical sessions of laser hair treatments. Luckily, there are many at home alternatives out there on the market today.


One of THE BEST, and this is backed up by thousands of happy user reviews found online, is the Tria 4X. Boasted as one of the easiest to use, and the safest, this FDA approved device is sure to be one of the best decisions you’ve made on your quest to find the best at home laser hair removal machine!

Who Can Use The Tria 4X?

They say the best candidates for home-based laser hair removal are people with a fair to medium complexion, with hair that is light brown to black. It is not suggested that people with blonde, grey or red hair to use it, as they will not see the results they desire.


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If you are a person that is extremely sensitive and have a low pain tolerance, make sure to grab some numbing and soothing creams for your skin before doing your laser treatments.

Where Can You Use It?

It is safe for use on hair anywhere on your body. That’s what’s so great about this! You can remove hair from your legs, arms, underarms, bikini, feet, hands, stomach, chest, and back in the privacy of your own bathroom! This machine is also completely to use on facial hair, like your upper lip, sideburns, cheeks, and chin.

What’s so great about it?

SAFE to use – as it’s FDA approved

The 4X is the first machine that the FDA approved for usage for at home hair removal. Tria is a trusted brand, for their innovative ideas and technology. The same technology used in the professional clinics are also used in their products. The FDA approval surely brings you some peace of mind when using it, and you know you are getting professional results.

It is SUPER easy to use

It is easy to be overwhelmed by new machines. The Tria 4X has made it easy for us, with their large LED screen which displays all of the information you’d need. It is always suggested that you read the instructions before you use your item, so that you understand what everything is. Having said that, the screen displays information like the level of the laser, pulse counter, battery indicator, pulse counter, and the Skin Sensor.


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Skin Sensor – automatically determines if it is safe for your skin

Another great feature, that I’ve only seen on the Tria, is the Skin Sensor. What is it, you ask? Well, the lasers in these types of hair removing machines target melanin, and zaps it. Melanin is found in our hair, skin and eyes. That’s why these machines are best used on people with light skin and dark hair. The Skin Sensor lets you know if your skin is too dark to effectively use. This is a safety feature that I love, so that you do not hurt your skin and cause damage to it. Do not skip this part when you are first using your machine!

Cordless handheld device

Another reason why so many people love this model is because it is cordless, allowing you to bend and really get to hard to reach places. You won’t have to fuss and get tangled in the power cords. You just have to make sure that the machine is fully charged before using it.


Don’t know if you’ve ever researched the price of laser hair removal sessions, but they cost a pretty penny! Not only that, but you need multiple sessions to ensure you get all of the body hair.


The Tria 4X isn’t CHEAP, but it isn’t the most expensive at home way of removing hair either. The current price of it is $450. But keep in mind that appointments for the same procedure can cost upwards of $5000 (depending on your location, the area you’re treating, how hairy you are, and other factors). The investment is worth every penny to be hairless and to be able to touch up any spots that you may have in the future, in the comfort of your own home!

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What I didn’t Like

Though this device is awesome at getting rid of hair, and it’s super easy to use, there are some things that made this machine not so perfect.

Battery Life – lasts only about 30 minutes

Though not having to deal with cords is great in theory, you must remember that that means the machine needs to be charged, and may not last as long as you want or need it to. You can purchase extra batteries if needed. The tip of the machine, that you point to the areas you want to treat, is TINY! Which means it takes longer to treat any area of your body, hence draining the battery really quick. That also leads me to my next point….

Small Head – only treats small areas per zap

Pretty self explanatory. This machine is awesome, and is very effective of getting rid of hair permanently, but I do find this model to be more suited for smaller areas, like the upper lip or other facial areas.

User Reviews – What everyone else is saying

Everyone is different. It all depends on how hairy you are in the first place. Most people found that the Tria 4x reduced their hair growth. Any hair that did grow back was finer and sparser than it originally was. The general consensus was that it was worth the money, and they loved the results J

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Tria is a highly reputable company that offers many home use machines. Their products use proprietary diode laser technology (the same ones used in professional machines) and deliver permanent results. The 4X has advanced features, unlike their other, much simpler model, the Tria Laser Precision. You can treat all areas of your body, and your facial hair. Definitely worth the money if you are wanting to save money on laser hair removal sessions!

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