Laser and waxing, which is more efficient?

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honeyThere are many ways of hair removal, two that I have tried are waxing and laser. Waxing has been a popular choice for many people because it pulls the hair out at the root, giving much longer lasting results than shaving.

Hair removal using light therapy is taking over the industry by storm, as it yields even better results than any other form of getting rid of hair. Many men and women have tried both methods, but let’s compare them side by side to see exactly which of the two is the clear winner.


This semi-permanent way to get rid of your unwanted hair is effective, but the results only last several weeks. The hair is pulled out by the root, so it takes time for your body to regenerate a new hair follicle where the previous one was.

As for pain, since the wax is sticky and it is LITERALLY ripping hair out, I can’t say that waxing is exactly the most pleasant experience. Some areas are more sensitive than others. My bikini area is MUCH more sensitive than say my under arms or legs when it comes to getting waxed.

Another thing I hate about waxing is that I notice regrowth a few days after getting it done. This hair isn’t a regrowth of the hair that was recently pulled out, but hair that was still under the skin when the waxing was taking place. This is such an awkward stage
smooth-legs for me, as the hair is too sparse and short to wax, and I am forced to shave it, which makes the hair grow back faster and thicker. Which really is a little counteractive to what we all want!

Another thing that is annoying is that in order to wax, you must let your hair get to a certain length. This is really frustrating for me because I want the hair GONE!

The cost is not bad, depending on where you get it done. A full Brazilian wax can cost $50 or so, but to get your entire body done, you are looking at spending close to $200 or more, depending on the salon or spa you go to.


upper-lip-hair-removingThis one seems to be growing as a favourite amongst many people, as it produces much more permanent results.

The thing with light therapy is that it does not work overnight. You have to do several sessions, sometimes even 6 or more, to get all of the hair. You will notice a reduction in hair growth after the first few sessions, which will make you excited to continue with more sessions to get rid of everything!

Now, depending on hairy you are to begin with, you may notice some regrowth, even after a bunch of sessions. You have to do touchup sessions every 6 months or so. Some of my friends, who weren’t so hairy, only had to do 2-3 sessions, and now only get the occasion 1-2 hairs that grow back, which can easily be tweezed away. If you naturally have more hair, you may need to go back for more touch up sessions.

Laser treatment is quite expensive, upfront. But in the end, you will be saving on time and money from not needing to buy shaving cream and razors every few weeks. Doing your full body could cost upwards of $8000, not including the touch up sessions. There is an alternative, which is to do it yourself at home. Most of the devices for in home use are FDA approved and use the same technology as the machines they use in the doctor’s office. Many users have used these machines and have gotten great results, make sure to read my reviews!

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