At Home Laser Hair Removal Preparation and Necessities

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So, you’ve finally made the decision to get rid of your body hair! You’re going to purchase your at home device hair removal laser machine. Congratulations! You will be thanking yourself and glad that you took the plunge after your very first session. One more step closer to being hair free!

Furthermore, you will be saving so much money by doing this yourself, in the comfort of your own home. Nomore buying razors and shaving cream, and of course, you are saving money by not having to make any sort of IPL, laser or electrolysis appointments at the spas.

In order to ensure your safety when removing hair by yourself, you must prepare properly. The main things you must consider are pre and post laser hair removal skin care, and eye protection. If you keep these in mind, you are well on your way to a hassle free procedure.

permanent laser hair removal

Safety should never be overlooked, even if you are doing this in your home. The lights from the hair removal devices emit light that your eyes may be sensitive to. It is very important to take precautions when using these items. No matter what machine you’ve bought, the safety procedures are all the same. You must also purchase the safety accessories to protect your eyes and your skin.

The intense pulsed lights work by targeting melanin, which is what gives our skin, hair and eyes their color. This is why it is important to keep your eyes protected!

Protecting Your Eyes

eye safetySince our eyes contain melanin, you can understand why it is so crucial to protect them during your sessions. Though there haven’t been any cases of this, but theory is that one accidental zap can cause blindness! Do not risk this. It is better to be safe than sorry, so protect your eyes!

When getting your at home hair removal machine, be sure to purchase your goggles or glasses also. There are a variety of types, depending on your preferences. This is one of THE most important things, and you should not skimp on these!!!

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Taking Care of the Pain Factor

You are probably wondering, “How much does getting rid of my hair permanently hurt?”. With laser and IL, pain is subjective, and everyone is different.

Some people are not bothered by it, and some people do not find the sensation bearable at all. Generally speaking, the thicker and more coarse your hair, you may feel the pulses more. People with finer hair may not be fazed by the process at all. It also all depends on your pain tolerance. Do you only shave with razors because you feared the pain felt during waxing, having your hair pulled out from underneath the skin?

Pain can be relieved by using numbing creams, pre and post laser treatment creams. I would highly suggest buying some kind of ointment along with your machine for good measure. It’s better to have it just in case you encounter any side effects of doing hair laser removal in your house!

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Pre-laser Hair Removal Prep and Care


Some people are extremely sensitive to any kind of pain, and that is understandable. Luckily, there are products that can help prevent and relieve the pain that can occur with laser hair removal.

Since you are doing this procedure at home, you could also use ice to numb the area. Even better, a cream specialized for this purpose is suggested. It acts like a topical anaesthetic, and can help make things less painful.

There are many creams out there on the market, but one that is highly suggested is the Lidocaine Gel GreenCaine one. This one is a bit on the higher end, but worth every penny, as it seems to work very well for most people. Users have had success using it for all sorts of hair removal procedures. It has also been known to be used for tattooing, electrolysis, piercing and waxing. This is the only gel able to penetrate deep into the skin to eliminate the pain associated with permanent hair removal. No wonder it is the number 1 rated numbing gel!

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Post-laser Hair Removal Aftercare

So, you’ve got the pre-laser numbing covered. What about afterwards? Once you are done your sessions, you may find that you have sensitive spots on your body. This is normal, especially if this is your first time. There are products that can help with this too! Everyone experiences different levels of sensitivity and irritation afterwards, and there are things that you can use to help soothe it.

One of the best items to use is the Tria Smooth Start. This can be used both before and after your treatments.

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Safety Roundup

Though laser hair removal is not as serious as surgery and needles, it is still a slightly invasive procedure. I mean, there are literally beams of light zapping your hair follicles! It is important to take all of the safety precautions into consideration before performing any kind of IPL, laser, or electrolysis hair removing at home, or at the spa!

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