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Laura Gellar offers a variety of makeup products. As always, all brands have their hits and their misses. Here is a review on their top 3 sellers

laura geller cosmetics review

I’m sure you’ve found your way here because you’re a fellow makeup junkie like I am! Laura Gellar is a makeup brand that was brought up to my attention when all of my fave beauty gurus were raving about LG’s products.

There were a few products that kept getting rave reviews all over social media. Their highlighters, their Spackle foundation primer and their Balance & Brighten foundation. Naturally, I wanted to do some more research and find out more about these products to see if they’re worth the investment.
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Laura Geller Spackle Primers

LG spackle primers

These are probably their most famous products. They’ve come out with multiple formulas since their original. You can definitely find one that suits your needs whether you need extra coverage, have dry skin or need something that controls oil.

Laura Geller Beauty

Varieties of Spackle

Tinted in 3 colours, Champagne, Ethereal, and Bronze

Spackle Neutralizer has peach undertones to neutralize unwanted dark pigmentation, veins, freckles, sunspots, etc

Hydrating for those with drier skin

Mattifying for those on the oily side

Soothing for those with sensitive skin. The green tint helps to neutralize redness.

Protective has the addition of SPF 30 to protect your skin from the sun.

Supercharged for anti-aging properties.

Even Tone has ingredients that help even out skin and help fade unwanted spots

Spackle Mist is a multi-use product. Create the perfect canvas, set your makeup, and refresh!

Check out the entire collection on their official website

The Spackle is meant to slightly even out skin tone, and to fill in your pores to create an even and perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup. It will also help your makeup last longer.

Most primers are heavily silicone based, which make your skin feel silky smooth and helps to fill in the pores, but I personally don’t feel like the extra “slip” that the silicone provides really helps with the longevity of the makeup.

Spackle has a different texture compared to the Smashbox Photofinish Primer. The Smashbox one is heavy on the silicone which gives you a super silky finish. The Spackle primer has a light and smooth feel that is slightly tacky, which I personally prefer as I feel it “grips” the makeup I apply on top of it.

You can find tinted ones, ones formulated for more mature or dry skin, and if you’re extra oily, you’re in luck!

Some people have even claimed that their skin looks amazing with just the tinted primer itself.

If you could only get one Laura Geller makeup product, this is definitely the one to consider.

Laura Gellar Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator

laura geller gilded honey

Laura’s brand is well known for their Baked Gelato products, which have an interesting texture. They say it applies like powder but feels like a cream, I imagine it to feel like a solid mousse. Some people find it just feels like a straight up powder. However, these highlighters apply beautifully. I find a lot of highlighters can look too powdery or chalky. Because of their distinctive texture, I feel this product gives you a great glow and is wonderful for that “strobing” look that is so in right now. The “Gilded Honey” shade is always sold out, so if you see it in stock, be sure to snatch it up!

desi laura geller highlight
Their baked highlighter comes in a variety of shades to suit your skintone, from pale to bronzed! Check out the range here.

Baked Balance-N-Brighten Foundation

laura geller foundation shades

This product is great for those girls that want something to even out their skin on a daily basis without too much fuss. Hello, 5 minute faces!

This is a baked powder foundation that has swirls of different tones that help even out your skin tone. It applies sheer, so I do believe that this is best suited for someone who has an average amount of discolouration in their face. However, this would be great to use alongside your favourite foundation to set and to add some extra coverage.

The formula contains anti aging and antioxidant ingredients. It applies smooth and silky so you don’t have to worry about that cakey powdery look.

Baked Balance and Brighten comes in 9 shades, find your shade here.

Check out Laura’s entire collection here!

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