Vanna Belt Gel-V Reviews: Does it really help tighten loose skin?

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Review of: Vanna Belt Gel-V

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This product will meet you halfway in meeting your fitness goals. It works ONLY if you consistently follow a workout and diet regime. Great for new mothers and people who have lost weight but need a little something extra to tighten and contour the skin to show off your new shape!

vanna belt gel v review

So you’ve probably seen photos floating around on social media about this “Secret to the South Beach body”. It promises tighter and smoother looking skin, reducing the look of cellulite and stretch marks. It contains ingredients that help stimulate healthy skin synthesis, and is to be used in conjunction with massage techniques and the Vanna band belt.

Let’s take a closer look at this miracle gel, shall we?

So, do the Vanna Belt Gel-V products work?

There are hundreds, even thousands of photo testimonials, and they can’t be wrong. Just looking at their Instagram page, you can tell a lot of their customers are genuine and are completely happy with their results.

Take a look at my short term results, of only a few weeks of using Vanna Belt’s products:

I personally used the V-belt and the Gel-v.

These products are meant to work in conjunction with a proper fitness and diet routine. Results with using the Gel-v are permanent if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Overall, I think the combination of amazing ingredients in their products plus your own hard work and staying consistent will yield you the results you need to reach your goals for the new year!

Vanna Belt vs. WaistShaperz

I have used both waist trainers from both companies, and after extended use, I have to say that I prefer the V-belt over WaistShaperz.

I found the V-belt held its shape up way better, didn’t dig into my sides and cause bruising.

Quality and Material

The material and quality was also MUCH better on the V-belt. The Waistshaperz has a rubbery latex outer layer, which I did not prefer. Vanna’s entire belt is made out of material with boning. The material is cotton/lycra blend, which is super comfy and breathable.

Who can use Vanna’s Gelv product?

vanna belt fitness products

Vanna herself is beautiful and fit to a T. When developing her line of products, she had women of all ages and walks of life in mind.

When it comes to stretch marks and cellulite, the best of us have these imperfections, but we become more self conscious about them after having kids. Our skin and bodies change after carrying a baby in our bodies for 9 months. Most of us weren’t blessed like all of these Instagram models that seem to bounce back hours after having their babies.

The Gel-V isn’t only catered towards new mothers though. Perhaps this is you: someone who works out regularly, eats right, and has seen an impressive improvement in your body. But there is that stubborn spot that you just cannot get rid of. The Vanna Gel is also perfect for you.

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Another issue that many men and women have after losing a lot of weight is loose skin. This product is also for you if you have that little bit of flab that hasn’t bounced into shape yet.

Get the secrets to Vanna’s bangin’ bod

My favorite Vanna Gel Products

Gel-V Hot


This is basically the same as the original Gel V product, except it produces a warming sensation. Some people like to take their baths/showers at night, and don’t like the cooling sensation that the original formula has right before bed, so this is a better option for them.

You can purchase the Hot gel by itself or together with the cool one, and in their all in one kits.



Made out of the same materials as the waist belt, but this offers more upper back coverage for those of us that experience “spillage” with regular waist trainers.

Check it out here and in their various kits

V-Body Shaper

v-body full shaper

This is great to wear underneath your special garments that you want to look your absolute best in. It tucks and pulls you in in all the right places. You can use this in conjunction with the gels.

Get more info on this full body shaper

V-Belt Arms and Thighs

v belt arms and thighs

The Gel-V products can be used on any problem areas you may have. Some common areas besides the tummy area are the arms and thighs, in which Vanna has created special bands for! These can be used after you apply the gels to your skin, and will enhance your results.

V-belt for arms

V-belt for thighs

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What does the Gel V and V Belt do?

Like I mentioned, sometimes proper diet and exercise aren’t enough for you to get your body looking its best. The GelV can help tighten and tone the skin, being applied using massaging techniques in your problem areas.

This secret “South Beach Gel” contains natural ingredients that help tighten sagging skin in the stomach, hip, thigh, buttocks and arm area.

Let’s take a look at some of the important ingredients:

Menthol: Increases circulation and stimulates collagen production and also creastes a firming action of the skin

Seaweed: Removes toxins from the skin, rehydrates the skin to create a smoother look on stretch marks and cellulite.

Gotu kola: high in antioxidants, hydates and is a delivery system for nutrients into the skin.

Caffeine: Promotes new skin production, anti cellulite.

Bladderwrack: Boosts metabolism, anti cellulite.

Camellia sinensis: Antioxidant, tones and firms skin.

See the full ingredient list here

v-belt before and after

What is the Vanna Band Belt used for?

This waist cincher can be used by itself on a daily basis, but it is best used with the Gel-v product. I feel it helps “seal” in the product after you apply it to the stomach area, instead of having it rub off and disappear on your other clothing. To maximize the longevity of your bands, try wrapping your skin with saran wrap before putting on the special belts.

This waist trainer provides a lighter compression compared to the Waistshaperz ones.

With the gentle compression feeling, it also mentally makes you watch your posture when wearing it. It’s great for wearing underneath clothes or during workouts. I highly suggest you buy a separate one for workouts.

v-belt benefits

Another great thing about these belts is they come in different sizes and lengths, so you can choose which one suits you best. There is the regular length one, and the longer length one, for people who are taller or with longer torsos.

If you are serious about looking your best, and this is your first Vanna purchase, I highly suggest that you get one of the kits, which comes with everything you need to look photo shoot ready!

Gel V and VannaBelt Reviews

Here are just some of the results and testimonials that users have gotten from using the GelV products

gelv results male results with gel-v vanna gel before after

Start getting your best body with Vanna Belt!

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  1. I do NOT recommend working out in this belt (even though they say to) I did it twice. The first time I used the gel v and wrapped myself with Saran Wrap before putting the belt on and then did cardio- like they say to do. SO gross, the wrap bunched up under my belt leaving me drenched in sweat and smelling. The second time I did it because my workout was midday and I figured I’d just take it off and wash it afterwards, I did cardio and 3 sets of squats and it ripped- incredibly annoying seeing as this product isn’t cheap and the site encourages you to work out in it. This product is NOT meant to be worked out in

    1. Hey Lori

      I’m so sorry that this was your experience! I do admit working out with this belt, or any waist belt, feels a bit unnatural at first for me too, but I’ve never experienced anything breaking. Have you tried contacting their customer service?

  2. Really want to tone and make my butt bigger!!! any suggestions ? 🙂

    1. Hey Des!!! I’m so glad you asked. I am OBSESSED with working out my booty to get it to look better! I am coming out with tips and workouts that have worked for me. Stay tuned!

  3. Just started using your gel, can’t wait to see the results

    1. Hey Gabrielle! Great to hear! Let me know how it works for you.

  4. I ordered your product today and I am wondering how effective is for deep old stretch marks? I work out and belly is not that bad but the stretch marks are very deep and wrinkle making me so selfcouncious
    Thank you

    1. Hi Norma!

      I don’t think anything will get rid of stretch marks 100%, but the use of the V-belt and the gels will help reduce them, and tighten the skin up.

      Let me know how it goes for you!

    1. Hey Jalisa, I’d say the first 10-15 mins is the most noticeable for the tingling. After wearing the belt for a few hours and taking it off, I feel the tingling again!

  5. Does this product has something in it to cause cancer

    1. I’m not an expert in this area, but you could contact their customer service for a full ingredient list and research all of the ingredients.

  6. I just starting you use waist trainer with the gel. I been dieting and workout.i hope I get some kind of results!

    1. Using products along with following a healthy diet and working out, you will definitely see results! The products and waist trainer help with water retention I find, also, I love seeing the shape I get with the trainer on! Good luck!

    1. No, it is not required to use the gel. It is highly suggested though!

  7. Could you use the regular gel and the hot gel after a few hours ? Or do you have to shower before putting the hot gel ? I usually shower when I get home from work !! So I would use the regular when I go home and at night the hot one !!

  8. I want to order but confused on which one to get. The v body or v vest. I want to get rid of baby fat and my thighs to get tightened up… which one do you prefer ???

    1. TBH The v body is more of shapewear to wear under clothes in my opinion, it wouldn’t be comfy to work out in… I’d get the V vest or the vannabelt if you want to work out in it! I also find the sizing of the VBODY very very very small

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