PocketBra: How this bra can turn you into Superwoman

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Be empowered by freeing your hands, enabling you to do more. One star off because they don't carry bras larger than a D cup.

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Free your hands and have the power to do more.

Many women do it. I’ve done it. But it’s not the most pleasant place to put things…
Things can get a little sweaty, uncomfortable, and may look a little funny.

I’m talking about putting items into our bras! We’ve all done it because we’re constantly running around and have so many things to carry. Our bras seem like the most convenient place to put things. Keys, money, cards, etc.

And with such a snug environment, when we go back to reach for our stored items, they come out a little, erm…. Moist.

Enter, the PocketBra!

The PocketBra, a bra made with strategically placed pockets to hold your things securely and safely. Keep your small items within reach at all times, without the need for a handbag.

pocketbra pink money holder

This lightly padded, demi cupped bra is equipped with 1 pocket in each up, and 1 on each side panel. Your items are held securely in place due to the elastic lining of the pockets, which hug the items in place.

The bra comes in Black or Cherry Blossom Pink, sizes 32B- 38D. If you’re a bit bustier, you may get away with getting a sister size.

When Would I Need a Bra With Pockets?

Okay, handbags are cute and all, but I don’t actually enjoy carrying them around all of the time.

I’m not one of those women that carries her entire life in a handbag. This is the problem with having a large bag, you stuff everything in there.

bra with money pocket

I like to only carry my must haves. Cards, cash, keys. Maybe some lipbalm. I’m good.

A night out on the town dancing. A walk in the park. Shopping. Bike Ride. Running errands. I think there are many more situations where I’d like to eliminate a handbag!

Do More. Enjoy more!

pocketed bra for medication

PocketBra’s founder, Sherry, built her company with the mission of empowering women. Being hands free allows you to do more, get more done.

Kick life’s ass, be a badass babe, etc.

Return Policy & Shipping

PocketBra has a flexible return policy. Got the wrong size? Return it and get the correct one. Follow the process here.

PocketBra is based in the USA, but they ship internationally. Check here for their shipping rates.

What is MedPockets?

MedPockets is another brand under Sherrywinks’ umbrella, the company that also created Pocketbra. Medpockets and Pocketbra are sister companies. You can learn more on their official website.


I am definitely one of those girls that loves being purse free. I mean, I love me a classic Chanel. But being hands free is what I prefer most of the time. I feel restricted when I have a heavy bag on my wrist, almost a liiiiiittle dysfunctional.

I totally get how being purse free is liberating and empowering.

You kinda feel like Superwoman. I don’t recall her carrying a purse. Coincidence? I think not.

So, what are you waiting for? Be liberated and be hands free with Pocketbra!

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