Big boobs? Best bras for your shape!

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For most of my adult life, I have struggled with finding local stores that carry big bra sizes. I saw that the department stores carried some plus sized ones, but they always looked, well, like this:

Wire-free, full coverage bra
Wire-free, full coverage bra

Totally not my style.

Having a bigger bust is a blessing and a curse. Luckily, I learned about “sister sizes” for bras, and was able to make do with a 38D or 38DD from the bra store at the mall. This is usually the biggest bra size that these stores carry.

Bra sister size chart! Pick your best known bra size, and the corresponding sizes with the same box color are your sister sizes :)
Bra sister size chart! Pick your best known bra size, and the corresponding sizes with the same box color are your sister sizes 🙂

With the bra size average in America going up every year, I don’t really understand why most of the big name retailers aren’t carrying larger bra cup sizes.

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If you are lucky enough to live in a more metropolitan area, you may be able to find a specialty lingerie boutique that carries an array of bra sizes, including DD bras and larger.

When measured properly, I measure at a 36F. Yes, an F! I was quite surprised myself to find that I was actually that size. I think it was implanted in my brain that anything larger than a DD was heading into the whole porn star/stripper balloon boob territory. I don’t think I look quite like that though!

Montelle Intimates: Practical and Beautiful Bras for Large Busts

Montelle intimates

Anyways, so I’ve been lucky enough to encounter a wonderful company, Montelle. Montelle makes beautiful lingerie. They carry your everyday basic bras and panties, in a huge array of sizes. They also have a collection of sexy sweet little nothings for special occasions 😉 Yay for large cup lingerie!

The company prides themselves on making quality pieces that you love to live in. The items are practical, yet do not compromise style. No granny bras here!

Shop Montelle’s beautiful collection here

Something for both small and large cup sizes

Did I mention the huge size selection they have?

They’ve got something for everyone. If you’re on the petite side, they’ve got the “Prodigy” which is for the woman looking for extra oomph.

Their “Plus” collection has a variety of styles for everyday wear and occasion items that are sized up to a full figure sized bra – 42G.

montelle intimates review

Sensitive skin? Montelle’s bras has got you covered

All of their items are latex and nickel free, so if your skin has those particular sensitivities, you’re safe here!

Montelle Intimates Bras – my collection so far

So far, I have 3 bras and some matching panties from Montelle, and I am loving the fit, feel, and quality of everything.

Pure Plus Bra

pure plus bra and panty

This is their “T-shirt bra”, perfect for everyday wear. This bra is super versatile. The full coverage cups are smooth so it can be worn underneath most tops. This bra is super lightweight. I never realized how HEAVY my other bras actually are compared to this one!

Keyhole Balconnet

I love me a good ‘ol balconnet bra. I’ve discovered that they make my girls look amazing, so I save these for special occasions where I want to look extra good. 😉montelle balconette bras

This bra is made out of a high quality soft lace on the outside, and a nice fine sheer mesh material on the lining. This isn’t lined like a typical bra, but the way the inner material hugs your curves actually smooths out any “headlight” action.

montelle keyhole balconnet and boyshortsI also got the matching boyshort panties, which I was a little worried about as I am a little particular about how panties fit on me. I find a lot have uncomfortable waistbands or ride up too much. I’ve had no problem with these!

With this being a lace bra, it doesn’t work to well with cotton tees. But I love wearing them with sweetheart neckline dresses, or something with a bit of a thicker knit than a t-shirt.

Pure Plus Smooth

pure plus smooth front closure

This is my most favourite bra from them so far! Similar to the Pure Plus mentioned above, but this one features a front closure and a seamless and smooth back! So bye bye back rolls. I love the wider band at the back, which makes it more comfortable for me. The super smooth back is the best!

montelle pure plus smooth clasp

Where to Buy

As of right now, Montelle’s items are available in select boutiques worldwide. Their official website has a list of partners, so check to see if there’s one near you.

If you do not have a boutique close by, luckily, there is an Amazon shop that carries a majority of their collection.

Get sexy with your own Montelle’s Intimates

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