NuGlow Review: 5-piece anti aging kit

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I enjoyed using this skincare line quite a bit. If you have really dry skin, this may not be for you.

Skincare is my jam! I am becoming more and more obsessed with it.

NuGlow Skincare has been kind enough to give me a chance to test their products, and this is my experience.

I’ve been using their products for several weeks now, and I feel like I have given it enough time to give a proper review.

If you haven’t been following me on my skincare journey, here’s a quick recap: I went on vacation, loaded my skin up with 50SPF sunscreen, and got a bunch of sun spots and freckles that I hated. Came home, started using skin lightening products with awesome results (read: Meladerm review and SkinBright review) but my skin became quite sensitive after.

So, when I got the chance to try Nuglow, I was super pumped. I felt it was perfect timing, as I needed a break from all of the super active skin whitening ingredients.

Check out my video review if you prefer not to read:

What is NuGlow?

NuGlow’s skincare line is special because their products contain copper peptides.

Copper is abundant in young skin, and is required for skin renewal and repair. As we age, the amount of copper in our skin lessens, and so does the skin renewal rate.

Easy fix, right? Just slap on some copper on our skin!

Adding in Copper into a skincare product and applying it directly to the skin is ineffective. Copper molecules are too large to be absorbed into our skin.

With NuGlow, their MD3 Copper microdelivery system creates a copper molecule that is 60% the size of other copper formulations, ensuring that our skin is getting what it needs, where it needs it.

Be sure to read more about their research and studies, I love getting into the science of things! (or when they dumb it down for me to understand)

Benefits of Use

NuGlow® delivers results with MD3 Copper® & powerful antioxidants:
Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
Increases firmness & resilience
Hydrates & moisturizes skin
Evens out & brightens skin tone
Promotes healthy, nourished skin

My experience with NuGlow

I got the 5 piece anti aging kit.

I tried it and noticed the next day that my skin was more even toned. The redness had lessened from being irritated from all of the skin lighteners. Even my husband made a comment one day about how clear my skin looked!

It makes sense, as their Toner and Serum contain Ogliopeptide-10, a peptide that not only improves your skin’s condition, but it helps fade discolouration and reduces irritation.

Pure & Simple Cleanser 
I love finding a cleanser that takes off my makeup and doesn’t leave it feeling dry. I don’t like using makeup remover or wipes, so I have to get a cleanser that does the job for me. These also tend to really strip my skin. This didn’t. Get the full list of ingredients here.

I’ll be honest, I’m not big on toners as I find most of them are water and alcohol anyways.

Since the NuGlow Toner has Copper Peptide in it, I figured it was necessary to use it, to up the concentration of copper on my skin. It is an ideal toner for dry or mature skin because it doesn’t dry out your skin like most other toners.

This toner didn’t burn or sting my skin, or have that typical astringent feel to it. Thank goodness! (that is another reason I hate most toners)

This serum had an interesting texture. I am used to serums having a liquid-gel consistency. This one was very liquidy and kinda slid through my fingers when I applied it, which made me feel like I was wasting a lot of the product. But I believe that the serum probably has the highest concentration of copper peptides in it, so don’t skip the serum! See pricing here


In general, I don’t fuss with eye cream too much. I do see the need for it at certain times of the year, like in the winter months when my skin is extra dry around my eye area.

This copper peptide eye cream is a smooth consistency that isn’t too heavy or light, and left no weird after feel. I enjoyed it because I didn’t get any clogged pores or little bumps around my eyes using it. I also didn’t wake up with crusties all over my eyes. I get this reaction sometimes with certain eyecreams, probably because I’m allergic to an ingredient in them. This one was all good for me!

This also contains the peptides in it.

Night Cream

The texture of this cream was smooth, and didn’t leave any greasy or silicone-y after feel. Of course, the nighttime cream has the patented MD3 Copper.

A lot of low quality brands use a tonne of silicone in their face products, because they instantly give you a smoother “feel”. But that’s it, it’s just a “feel”. It’s not actually doing anything for the skin. Not only that, but they tend to ball up if you touch your skin. You’ve basically rubbed your moisturizer off if this happens.

Right now I have combination skin, leaning more dry due to the weather. This formula left me wanting a liiiiittle more moisture. I think this would be perfect for spring/autumn months for me. It didn’t leave my skin completely parched, tight or flaking, but I could have used a little bit more richness, IMO.

Day Cream with SPF 15

This was my least favourite product. I don’t think there was a fragrance intentionally put in to it, but I couldn’t stand the smell of it. I don’t know if it’s the mixture of ingredients or maybe the SPF, but I couldn’t wear it after the first time. The smell did dissipate shortly on my face, but I never tested the product again after.


I think the line is great. It made my skin look more even toned, giving me a clearer complexion. I think this product is perfect for combination skin when it’s not too dry or oily. If you’ve got really dry skin, this might not be emollient enough for you.

This brand is definitely worth checking out if you’re sick if picking up not so great products at the same price at the drug store. Invest a bit more to get quality products with lots of science behind it.

A LOT of drugstore skincare has what I call “fluff” ingredients that make your skin feel immediately softer and smoother but aren’t actually DOING ANYTHING.

Check out their full collection on their official website,

*this post contains affiliate links

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