Face Atelier Ultra: The Best Liquid Foundation For Your Kit

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As I have mentioned before, I love this foundation. It perfects the skin and gives the skin a beautiful finish and texture. It has great coverage without being cakey, and the silicone molecules used are larger than the skin’s pores, so it is non-comedogenic and awesome for dry or mature skin.


Consistency – silky smooth and easy to blend. The formula is “thick-for-a-liquid”. It’s not super runny, but not super gummy either. Once applied to the skin, it leaves a wonderful natural-dewy finish. I also find that it fills in fine lines and hydrates flakiness. It gives the skin a youthful glow. Be sure to blend out the foundation and not to apply it too heavily. It won’t set properly, and the makeup will transfer when touched.

Shade Selection – There are 12 shades that are all yellow based, all named with numbers. The even numbered shades have more yellow than the odd numbered shades. Here’s the cool part, there are 4 “correctors” that can be mixed with the shades to create a perfectly matched foundation shade! There is Zero Minus, which is a white color, that is used when a lighter shade is needed. There is Zero Plus and Zero Plus Plus to deepen shades. There is also Heat, which is used to add more warmth. The line is so versatile, you’ll surely be able to match all of your clients! And, there is no SPF in them, so you won’t get that yucky grey cast showing up in photos.

Coverage – The coverage is wonderful. I wouldn’t say that it is 100% full coverage, but it is buildable. It is able to cover acne scarring and sun spots without looking too fake or cakey. If I wanted to build on the coverage, I would first put on a thin layer of foundation first and blend it out with a dampened sponge, wait for it to dry, then apply a second layer.

Longevity – I always set foundation on my clients with powder. I have, on occasion, used the proper primer before foundation if the client has extremely dry, or really oily skin. With that being said, I have had many clients tell me that their makeup has lasted ALL DAY. I had one client who had her makeup done(by me, for her cousin’s wedding ), tell me that she was outside all day and it was the hottest day of the year. So hot, that she heard sweat dripping from her knees and hitting the ground during the ceremony! And she said the makeup had lasted all day wearing this foundation!

So, in short………….

Pros – great coverage, lasts all day, leaves a wonderful finish on the skin. The correctors make it easy to create custom shades, great to have in your kit so you can match all of your clients.

Cons – sometimes, if I apply too much, it doesn’t set right away and can look too shiny, or risk being smudged off. So be sure to blend! (same goes for any other foundation!)

So that’s what I think is the best liquid foundation! What’s yours? Comment Below!

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