The Best Makeup Foundation: My Top 4

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1) faceatelier Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

This is one of the best liquid foundations I have tried! It is silicone based and is wonderful for dry, dehydrated, or mature skin. It has a dewy finish and somehow makes the skin appear more ”plump” and youthful. I think it has something to do with the texture of the product, which has a lot of slip so it’s easy to blend and glide it over the skin, and fills in fine lines without any cakiness. The coverage is medium-high coverage, sometimes I don’t even have to use concealer!



evepearlhd2) Eve Pearl HD Foundation w/Astaxanthin

This is a creamy foundation that is free of fragrances, petrolatum and parabens. It also contains no water, so it will not dissolve when in contact with water or sweat (cuz, as we all know, like dissolves like). This foundation is easily blendable into the skin, and the coverage can be sheer, medium or full, depending on your application. I would say the finish is natural-dewy. The formulation is super creamy, making it great for more mature skin. Astaxanthin is a super ingredient which has protective and antioxidant properties.


mufehd3) Makeup Forever HD Foundation

I find this formula and coverage very similar to Face Atelier Ultra, but less silicone-y and dewy. I would opt to use this on a more oily skin when I want a natural skin look. I don’t find completely matte skin finishes flattering, so I like a little bit of silicone, even on oily skin!



RCMA-VK-Palette-in-Shinto4) RCMA Foundation

This is the first foundation I purchased for my kit. I bought the “Shinto” palette, now renamed the “VK Palette #11”. I was able to match every client with this palette, so if you are starting out, definitely look into this. It took me awhile to get used to the formulation of these foundations. They didn’t have much slip, and even though they are an oil based foundation, it had a kind of dry texture. It would look almost matte even on oily skin. I eventually learned that I had to sort of “warm up” the foundation. I had to scoop out the amount I wanted to use, and with my spatula, kind of smear it around my palette so it would melt a little bit. Once I figured that out, I liked the foundation a lot more. I love the coverage, which can be worked up to full coverage, and the longevity of the wear. After all, it was made to be used under hot lights and lots of dancing! I did find, however, that the shades had a bit of a ruddy undertone.

Your turn! In your opinion, what’s the best makeup foundation you’ve used?

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