$60 Louboutin Look a Likes?

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I love the look of a patent stiletto pump, and I absolutely love me some classic red bottoms! (Make sure you see my Stuart Weitzman dupes and YSL dupes also!)

However, those are not in the budget right now. *sad face*

So I’m always on the lookout for sexy shoes that are similar to the CL So Kates. A trip to several shoe stores and malls have left me empty handed.

Luckily, in this digital age, we have online shopping!

So after browsing many stores, and seeing many reviews and photos of REALLY REALLY terrible knockoffs like this one.

I finally landed on Comfity’s Amazon store.

They had a listing that caught my eye. The photo they used in their Amazon store listing for these shoes looks like a stock photo of the Christian Louboutin “Hot Chick” pump, which is a super high, super sexy shoe.

I saw a real buyer’s photo and thought “Wow, those don’t look like the Hot Chick at ALL! But the heel looks So Kate-ish!!!!” That high, super thin killer heel.

So I decided to give these a shot.

Let’s give you the bad news firstcomfity cl dupes

Like I mentioned, if you’re looking for a dead on replica of the “Hot Chick”, I’m sorry, these will disappoint.

Okay, now on to the good stuff

These are actually, very surprisingly, great quality shoes!

I was quite impressed with the workmanship details of the shoe. The sole was attached to the shoe without any glue hanging out, and it was flush with the rest of the shoe, so no gaps.christian louboutin knockoff toebox

The toe box is also very pointy and narrow, which I love the look of! I find a lot of shoes in stores, at this price point, don’t have the toe box shape that I want. I love that crisp, super pointy front that shows just the right amount of toe cleavage. Speaking of cleavage, I have some tips on that too!

sokate impression stitching

The stitching around these edges is also very clean and even.

The super thin stiletto heel

The best part is the heel. I love super thin, super high heels. I measured these and they’re about 125mm, just 5mm short of the original Hot Chick. I am never able to find shoes with such a straight and narrow heel like this in stores.


This is a sexy shoe, that’s actually very good quality. The best part is the price, which is around $60US. For that price, I bet you won’t find a shoe that looks this good anywhere else!

So to wrap it up, this is a great shoe if you’re looking for something a little higher and sexier than what you’d find at your regular mid end shoe stores, but don’t expect a close imitation of the Christian Louboutins!

Check out Comfity’s full shoe collection 

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